Commit 7fc02185 authored by Jonathan Matthew's avatar Jonathan Matthew 🕳

podcast: set fixed size on pixbuf renderer in podcast add dialog

This stops the search results jumping around as the images load, and
makes the layout consistent when non-square images appear.
parent 85d6bc79
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in 14 minutes and 39 seconds
......@@ -690,6 +690,7 @@ impl_constructed (GObject *object)
RhythmDBQuery *query;
RhythmDBQueryModel *query_model;
const char *episode_strings[3];
int xpad, ypad;
RB_CHAIN_GOBJECT_METHOD (rb_podcast_add_dialog_parent_class, constructed, object);
dialog = RB_PODCAST_ADD_DIALOG (object);
......@@ -741,7 +742,11 @@ impl_constructed (GObject *object)
G_TYPE_ULONG); /* date */
gtk_tree_view_set_model (GTK_TREE_VIEW (dialog->priv->feed_view), GTK_TREE_MODEL (dialog->priv->feed_model));
column = gtk_tree_view_column_new_with_attributes (_("Title"), gtk_cell_renderer_pixbuf_new (), "pixbuf", FEED_COLUMN_IMAGE, NULL);
renderer = gtk_cell_renderer_pixbuf_new ();
gtk_cell_renderer_get_padding (renderer, &xpad, &ypad);
gtk_cell_renderer_set_fixed_size (renderer, PODCAST_IMAGE_SIZE + (xpad * 2), PODCAST_IMAGE_SIZE + (ypad * 2));
column = gtk_tree_view_column_new_with_attributes (_("Title"), renderer, "pixbuf", FEED_COLUMN_IMAGE, NULL);
renderer = gtk_cell_renderer_text_new ();
g_object_set (renderer, "ellipsize", PANGO_ELLIPSIZE_END, NULL);
gtk_tree_view_column_pack_start (column, renderer, TRUE);
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