Commit 4874bac9 authored by Jonathan Matthew's avatar Jonathan Matthew 🥗
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mtp: ignore devices that don't support any audio formats (bug #615743)

libmtp also detects PTP cameras. It does not actually know them (in the
udev rules), but since we do not check for this, PTP cameras regularly
appear in Rhythmbox, which is confusing and useless.

Check the supported file types of the device for audio types, and ignore
the device if there aren't any suitable ones. Please note that a lot of
cameras support read-only WAV, which is fairly uninteresting for our
purposes and would lead to detecting them as music players, so ignore WAV.
parent b6fa4439
......@@ -859,11 +859,23 @@ device_open_failed_idle (RBMtpSource *source)
return FALSE;
static gboolean
device_open_ignore_idle (DeviceOpenedData *data)
rb_source_delete_thyself (RB_SOURCE (data->source));
g_object_unref (data->source);
free (data->types);
g_free (data->name);
g_free (data);
return FALSE;
/* this callback runs on the device handling thread, so it can call libmtp directly */
static void
mtp_device_open_cb (LIBMTP_mtpdevice_t *device, RBMtpSource *source)
RBMtpSourcePrivate *priv = MTP_SOURCE_GET_PRIVATE (source);
gboolean has_audio = FALSE;
DeviceOpenedData *data;
if (device == NULL) {
......@@ -905,9 +917,26 @@ mtp_device_open_cb (LIBMTP_mtpdevice_t *device, RBMtpSource *source)
update_free_space_cb (device, RB_MTP_SOURCE (source));
/* figure out the set of formats supported by the device */
/* figure out the set of formats supported by the device, ensuring there's at least
* one audio format aside from WAV. the purpose of this is to exclude cameras and other
* MTP devices that aren't interesting to us.
if (LIBMTP_Get_Supported_Filetypes (device, &data->types, &data->num_types) != 0) {
rb_mtp_thread_report_errors (priv->device_thread, FALSE);
} else {
int i;
for (i = 0; i < data->num_types; i++) {
if (data->types[i] != LIBMTP_FILETYPE_WAV && LIBMTP_FILETYPE_IS_AUDIO (data->types[i])) {
has_audio = TRUE;
if (has_audio == FALSE) {
rb_debug ("device doesn't support any audio formats");
g_idle_add ((GSourceFunc) device_open_ignore_idle, data);
g_idle_add ((GSourceFunc) device_opened_idle, data);
......@@ -144,7 +144,7 @@ open_device (RBMtpThread *thread, RBMtpThreadTask *task)
int retry;
/* open the device */
rb_debug ("attempting to open retry device");
rb_debug ("attempting to open device");
for (retry = 0; retry < 5; retry++) {
if (retry > 0) {
/* sleep a while before trying again */
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