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Version 0.15.3

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Version 0.15.3
* Add the RetroOption, RetroOptionIterator and RetroKeyJoypadMapping
types to the public API.
* RetroCore:
- Add the 'runahead' property. This allow the core to output the video
and audio of a future frame, allowing to compensate for input lag
from the original hardware for console emulator cores.
- Add the retro_core_has_option(), retro_core_get_option() and
retro_core_iterate_options() option accessors.
- Add the 'options-set' signal. The signal is emitted when the core
initially sets the options during boot. This allows setting options
that require being set before the core is initialized.
* RetroCoreView:
- Use a RetroKeyJoypadMapping to let users set its keyboard to virtual
joypad mapping.
- Set default controllers only for actually supported capabilities.
* Make RetroCoreViewController return only the capability matching its
type and not all the the capabilities of its RetroCoreView.
* Add retro_joypad_id_to_button_code() and
retro_joypad_id_from_button_code() to convert a Linux button event
code into a RetroJoypadId and vice versa.
* Add RETRO_RUMBLE_EFFECT_COUNT, allowing to know the number of values
of RetrormbleEffect.
* Libretro environment commands:
- Implement RETRO_ENVIRONMENT_SET_GEOMETRY, allowing cores to change
the aspect ratio separately from the framerate.
- Implement RETRO_ENVIRONMENT_GET_LANGUAGE, allowing cores to know the
user's language.
- Fix a missing return in the implementation of
the cores to think we don't support it.
* Fix various runtime warnings and potential crashes.
* Improve internal documentation on keyboard key convertion.
* Add as documentation of what is unimplemented from
the Libretro API, updated to retroarch 1.7.2.
* Add the retro-reftest program allowing to easily run reference tests
on Libretro cores, based on retro-gtk and test descriptor files.
- It allows to generate the test references via the --generate option.
- It allows to control the core by setting controllers and their
- It can check that a core boots.
- It can check that it has the expected options.
- It can check that its internal state can or can't be accessed.
- It can check that a frame runs.
- It can check that the video output is as expected
* Add the retro-dummy dummy Libretro core, used to run unit tests and
reference tests.
* Add some RetroCore unit tests.
* Let retro-demo take parameters for medias to load into the core.
* Add the following options to Meson:
- 'introspection' to disable compilation of instrospection.
- 'demos' to disable compilation of demos.
- 'build-tests' to disable compilation of tests.
- 'install-tests' to enable installation of tests.
Version 0.14.0
version: '0.14.0',
version: '0.15.3',
meson_version: '>= 0.43.0',
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