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Version 0.15.90

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Version 0.15.90
* RetroMainLoop:
- Lower the priority of the loop to prevent a lagging game from
freezing the rendering of its video.
- Prevent reference leaking when destroying the loop while its not
stopped by not giving a reference to the loop's callback.
* RetroGLDisplay:
- Take the UI's scale into account, making it usable in Hi-DPI.
* Prepare RetroGLDisplay for GTK+ 4:
- Don't clear depth buffer as we don't use it and as this would cause
glitches in GTK+ 4.
- Explicitly use glClearColor().
- Call glBindTexture() on every frame to ensure that we're always
working with the right texture, which is needed for GTK+ 4.
* Fix reference cycles in retro-demo to avoid memory leaks.
Version 0.15.3
version: '0.15.3',
version: '0.15.90',
meson_version: '>= 0.43.0',
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