Commit 166cb45c authored by Adrien Plazas's avatar Adrien Plazas

main-loop: Don't give a ref to the loop to the timeout

Make the timeout source not hold a reference on the main loop.

This fixes a reference leak when the main loop was destroyed while still
parent af30028d
......@@ -293,11 +293,15 @@ retro_main_loop_start (RetroMainLoop *self)
// TODO What if fps <= 0?
fps = retro_core_get_frames_per_second (self->core);
/* Do not make the timeout source hold a reference on the RetroMainLoop, so
* destroying the RetroMainLoop while it is still running will stop it instead
* of leaking a reference.
self->loop = g_timeout_add_full (G_PRIORITY_DEFAULT_IDLE,
(guint) (1000 / (fps * self->speed_rate)),
(GSourceFunc) retro_main_loop_run,
g_object_ref (self),
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