Commit 722bd066 authored by Michael Catanzaro's avatar Michael Catanzaro
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Update limits for glibmm and pangomm

parent 24188435
......@@ -143,7 +143,7 @@
<package name="gtksourceview" set="core"/>
<package name="gjs" set="core"/>
<package name="glib" set="core"/>
<package name="glibmm-2.4" set="core" limit="2.65" module="glibmm"/>
<package name="glibmm-2.4" set="core" limit="2.67" module="glibmm"/>
<package name="gmime" set="core"/>
<package name="gsound" set="core"/>
<package name="gspell" set="core"/>
......@@ -187,7 +187,7 @@
<package name="libsoup" set="core"/>
<package name="mm-common" set="core"/>
<package name="pango" set="core"/>
<package name="pangomm-1.4" set="core" limit="2.43" module="pangomm"/>
<package name="pangomm-1.4" set="core" limit="2.47" module="pangomm"/>
<package name="phodav" set="core"/>
<package name="pygobject" set="core"/>
<package name="pyatspi" set="core"/>
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