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Update schedule README, remove manual modification of redirects

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......@@ -4,9 +4,8 @@ To set the schedule for a new version of GNOME, after creating a new .schedule f
* Run releng/tools/schedule/ > 3.x.ics to create ICAL file
* git add/commit/push that ics file into releng/tools/schedule/
* Run releng/tools/schedule/ to create copy&paste schedule to paste into wikipage
* Copy skeleton from to , update numbers, add the schedule
* Copy skeleton from e.g. to e.g., update numbers, add the schedule
* Copy ics file to Infrastructure/static-web/calendars and git commit/push it. Example:
* Announce schedule on d-a-l
** Example:
* Ask sysadmins to update the redirect of Example:
* Update version numbers on
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