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    :create_with_error_message): Use UTF-8 encoded typographically correct · ab2411fc
    Daniel Elstner authored
    * src/filebuffer.cc (FileBuffer::create_with_error_message): Use
    UTF-8 encoded typographically correct apostrophe in the title
    * src/filetree.cc (FileTree::find_recursively): Replace call to
    Util::filename_to_utf8_fallback() by Glib::filename_display_name().
    (FileTree::find_fill_dirstack): Likewise.
    (FileTree::save_file_at_iter): Use UTF-8 encoded typographically
    correct quote characters in the error message string.
    (FileTree::load_file_with_fallback): Likewise.
    * src/pcreshell.cc (throw_regex_error): New function to throw a
    Pcre::Error exception with a properly formatted error message.
    (Pcre::Pattern::Pattern): Use throw_regex_error().
    * src/prefdialog.cc (PrefDialog::on_entry_fallback_activate):
    Use proper Unicode quotes in error message string.
    * src/mainwindow.cc (MainWindow::initialize): Run the search
    automatically only if also a filename pattern has been specified
    on the command line.
    (MainWindow::confirm_quit_request): Use proper Unicode apostrophe
    in the error message.
    (MainWindow::on_find_files): Likewise.  Also remove the code to
    format an error message for regex exceptions, as Pcre::Error now
    already carries a user-friendly message.
    (MainWindow::set_title_filename): Replace calls to
    Util::filename_to_utf8_fallback() by Glib::filename_display_name().
    * src/stringutils.{cc,h} (Util::shell_pattern_to_regex): Minor
    optimization twiddling.
    (Util::substitute_references): Likewise.
    (Util::filename_to_utf8_fallback): Remove function, as we can
    now simply use Glib::filename_display_name() instead.
    (Util::convert_to_ascii): Remove; no longer used anywhere.
    (Util::shorten_pathname): Use G_IS_DIR_SEPARATOR() instead of
    comparing against G_DIR_SEPARATOR directly.  Necessary because
    on win32 both '/' and '\' are accepted as directory separators.
    * ui/regexxer.schemas.in: Reformat and use proper Unicode quotes
    and apostrophes.
    * ui/prefdialog.glade: Likewise.  Also remove some property
    specifications which assigned default values anyway.
    * ui/mainwindow.glade: As above, strip pointless property settings.
    * en.po: Remove English "translation" as proper Unicode quotes and
    apostrophes are now used directly in the untranslated messages.
    * LINGUAS: Remove "en" from list.
    * POTFILES.in: Prepend [encoding: UTF-8] to list of files.
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