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    :find_recursively): Replace uses of Glib::filename_display_name() by · 28d68a4f
    Daniel Elstner authored
    * src/filetree.cc (FileTree::find_recursively): Replace uses of
    Glib::filename_display_name() by Glib::filename_display_basename()
    to enable translation of well-known locations in future.  Store
    the full path in the directory stack.
    (FileTree::find_fill_dirstack): Convert the full path from the
    stack to a displayable name with Glib::filename_display_basename().
    (FileTree::save_file_at_iter): Determine the basename for
    use in the error message with Glib::filename_display_basename().
    * src/mainwindow.cc (MainWindow::set_title_filename): Call
    Glib::filename_display_basename() to get the filename to be
    displayed in the window title.
    * src/filetreeprivate.{cc,h}: Some early spring cleaning.
    svn path=/trunk/; revision=630
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