Commit 951d4fd1 authored by Matthias Clasen's avatar Matthias Clasen

Add a script to do a release tarball

Shamelessly copies from nautilus.
parent b4861ee2
test -n "$srcdir" || srcdir=$1
test -n "$srcdir" || srcdir=.
cd $srcdir
VERSION=$(git describe --abbrev=0)
echo "Updating submodules…"
git submodule update --init
echo "Creating git tree archive…"
git archive --prefix="${NAME}/" --format=tar HEAD > main.tar
cd subprojects/libgd
git archive --prefix="${NAME}/subprojects/libgd/" --format=tar HEAD > libgd.tar
cd ../..
rm -f "${NAME}.tar"
tar -Af "${NAME}.tar" main.tar
tar -Af "${NAME}.tar" subprojects/libgd/libgd.tar
rm -f main.tar
rm -f subprojects/libgd/libgd.tar
echo "Compressing archive…"
xz -f "${NAME}.tar"
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