Commit af1b2e88 authored by Christoph Reiter's avatar Christoph Reiter 🐍

meson: fix naming/version/path of the .egg-info file

Match what we do with distutils

* Use "PyGObject" as package name (it's not case sensitive, but no need to
  diverge there)
* Mark unstable releases as dev releases by adjusting the version number
* Install in the right directory (not the gi package)
parent beed1737
......@@ -142,10 +142,18 @@ configure_file(input : ''.format(platform_version),
configuration : pkgconf,
install_dir : pkg_install_dir)
if pygobject_version_minor.is_odd()
py_version = '@0@.dev0'.format(pygobject_version)
py_version = pygobject_version
pkginfo_conf = configuration_data()
pkginfo_conf.set('VERSION', py_version)
configure_file(input : '',
output : 'pygobject-@0@-py@1@.egg-info'.format(pygobject_version, python.language_version()),
configuration : pkgconf,
install_dir : python.get_install_dir(subdir : 'gi'))
output : 'PyGObject-@0@.egg-info'.format(py_version),
configuration : pkginfo_conf,
install_dir : python.get_install_dir())
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