Commit 8ca82882 authored by René Stadler's avatar René Stadler Committed by Paolo Borelli
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Override Gtk.TreeView.get_visible_range to fix return

Just like IconView.
parent 4824ceaa
......@@ -1219,6 +1219,11 @@ class TreeView(Gtk.TreeView, Container):
if success:
return (path, column, cell_x, cell_y,)
def get_visible_range(self):
success, start_path, end_path = super(TreeView, self).get_visible_range()
if success:
return (start_path, end_path,)
def get_dest_row_at_pos(self, drag_x, drag_y):
success, path, pos = super(TreeView, self).get_dest_row_at_pos(drag_x, drag_y)
if success:
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