1. 29 Jul, 2013 1 commit
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      Cleanup invoke args and kwargs combiner code · f5e3876d
      Simon Feltman authored
      Change _py_args_combine_and_check_length use cleaner reference counting.
      It no longer DECREFs input arguments and always returns a new value reference.
      Use PyGICallableCache directly as an argument instead of passing various
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      Replace Python VFunc descriptor directly with PyGIVFuncInfo · 91c49822
      Simon Feltman authored
      Add tp_getdesc (__get__) to PyGIVFuncInfo to allow the object
      to be used directly as a callable descriptor. This piggy backs
      off the added support for functions and constructors in previous
    • Simon Feltman's avatar
      Add callable and descriptor protocols to PyGICallableInfo · 35f79b22
      Simon Feltman authored
      Add tp_call (__call__) function to callable info objects.
      This allows for replacement of wrapped invoke methods directly
      with the already created callable info object. This has the
      additional side effect of making doc strings lazily bound
      (only generated when __doc__ is accessed).
      Add tp_desc_get (__get__) to PyGIFunctionInfo which returns
      a bound version of itself for methods and constructors.
      Update various internal type checks to reflect the changes.
      Update tests to reflect the new callable type being the same
      across Python 2 & 3.
      This patch gives roughly a %17 speedup for Gtk imports and
      an %11 speedup for GI method calls.
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      Move "from Python" GObject out arg marshaler into specialized function · 2339e030
      Simon Feltman authored
      Move hacks specific to out argument marshaling for vfuncs into a
      a specialized function. This allows standard function call marshaling
      to continue working correctly when there are no extra references
      holding the arguments "foo(SomeObject())". This is currently being
      masked because all GI functions are wrapped by additional layers
      of Python functions. When these layers are removed, it exposes
      bugs introduced by reference counting hacks intended for vfunc
      return arguments.
    • Simon Feltman's avatar
      Add underscore prefix and _cache_adapter suffix to marshaling functions · 627c5faa
      Simon Feltman authored
      Add underscores to all _pygi_marshal_* functions. We don't currently
      export symbols, but we might need to for C unittesting. This will
      ensure we don't have a "public API".
      Add _cache_adapter suffix to marshaling functions which are light
      weight wrappers intended only for cached marshalers.
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