Commit c4e64d5d authored by Tomeu Vizoso's avatar Tomeu Vizoso

Update NEWS and release PyGObject-2.21.2

parent e0fe844d
2.21.2 10-Jan-2010
- Drop sinkfuncs. (Tomeu Vizoso)
- Clear error if we failed the import (Colin Walters)
- Added missing , to keyword list of gio.GFile.set_attribute (John Ehresman)
- Fix arg conversion in gio.GFile.set_attribute (John Ehresman)
- Set constants under python 2.5 or before (John Ehresman)
- Doc Extractor: Use replacements that make sense for &...; expressions. (Jos茅 Alburquerque)
- Add build docs for windows (John Stowers)
- cosmetic tidy (John Stowers)
- Fix crash when importing gio (John Stowers)
- Bug 589671 - Dont use generate-constants (John Stowers)
- Bug 589671 - Fix for windows build (John Stowers)
- Include pygsource.h (John Stowers)
- codegen/ One more &...; replacement ( ). (Jos茅 Alburquerque)
- codegen/ Replace some &..; that cause errors. (Jos茅 Alburquerque)
- codegen/ Handle C++ multi-line comments. (Jos茅 Alburquerque)
- codegen/ Stop final section processing on first match. (Jos茅 Alburquerque)
- Update doc extraction tool to handle GObjectIntrospection annotations. (Jos茅 Alburquerque)
- Docs: replace gio.IO_ERROR_* with gio.ERROR_* (Paul Bolle)
- Bug 613341 - pygobject tests seem to require pygtk causing a circular (Gian Mario)
- Don't raise an error in _pygi_import if pygi support is disabled (Simon van der Linden)
- Initialize PyGPollFD_Type.fd_obj to NULL (Tomeu Vizoso)
- Bug 605937 - pygobject: sets $TMPDIR, disrupting distcc (Gian Mario)
- Wrap gio.Cancellable.make_pollfd() and add a test (Gian Mario)
- Make cancellable an optional parameter in many methods (Gian Mario)
2.21.1 02-Jan-2010
- Wrap gio.Volume.eject_with_operation (Gian Mario)
- Wrap gio.Mount.eject_with_operation (Gian Mario)
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