Commit 57bceaac authored by Simon Feltman's avatar Simon Feltman

release 3.11.5

parent 058d944e
3.11.5 03-Feb-2014
- cache refactoring: Move all cache marshalers into files based on type
(Simon Feltman) (#709700)
- tests: Add test for an owned boxed struct passed in a callback
(Mike Gorse) (#722899)
- build: Add --without-common configure option for package maintainers
(Patrick Welche) (#721646)
- demo: Add TreeModel interface implementation demonstration
(Simon Feltman)
- build: Set PLATFORM_VERSION again to 3.0 (Colin Walters)
- tests: Run PyFlakes and PEP8 only on SUBDIRS (Simon Feltman)
- Merge static PyGLib and PyGObject modules into PyGI
(Simon Feltman) (#712197)
- Add test for callback user data arguments with following arguments
(Martin Pitt) (#722104)
3.11.4 13-Jan-2014
- overrides: Fix __repr__ for various Gdk structs (Simon Feltman)
- Add enum and flags member methods (Simon Feltman) (#693099)
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