Commit 4c1d9f01 authored by Daniel Drake's avatar Daniel Drake
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pygi-convert: fix for Pango.Alignment

parent e3abd760
......@@ -131,6 +131,7 @@ for f in $FILES_TO_CONVERT; do
-pe "s/import pango\n/from gi.repository import Pango\n/g;" \
-pe "s/pango\./Pango\./g;" \
-pe "s/Pango.ALIGN_/Pango.Alignment./g;" \
-pe "s/Pango.ELLIPSIZE_/Pango.EllipsizeMode./g;" \
-pe "s/Pango.STYLE_/Pango.Style./g;" \
-pe "s/Pango.UNDERLINE_/Pango.Underline./g;" \
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