Commit 3ae38d75 authored by Martin Pitt's avatar Martin Pitt
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Add test case for Gtk.ListStore custom sort

This works in Python 2, but crashes in Python 3, another case of the segfaults
we get when C calls a Python callback in Python 3.
parent c12b10ca
......@@ -1241,6 +1241,37 @@ class TestGtk(unittest.TestCase):
self.assertEqual(i, 102)
def test_list_store_sort(self):
def comp1(model, row1, row2, user_data):
v1 = model[row1][1]
v2 = model[row2][1]
# make "m" smaller than anything else
if v1.startswith('m') and not v2.startswith('m'):
return -1
if v2.startswith('m') and not v1.startswith('m'):
return 1
return cmp(v1, v2)
list_store = Gtk.ListStore(int, str)
list_store.set_sort_func(2, comp1, None)
list_store.append((1, 'apples'))
list_store.append((3, 'oranges'))
list_store.append((2, 'mango'))
# not sorted yet, should be original order
self.assertEqual([list(i) for i in list_store],
[[1, 'apples'], [3, 'oranges'], [2, 'mango']])
# sort with our custom function
list_store.set_sort_column_id(2, Gtk.SortType.ASCENDING)
self.assertEqual([list(i) for i in list_store],
[[2, 'mango'], [1, 'apples'], [3, 'oranges']])
list_store.set_sort_column_id(2, Gtk.SortType.DESCENDING)
self.assertEqual([list(i) for i in list_store],
[[3, 'oranges'], [1, 'apples'], [2, 'mango']])
def test_list_store_signals(self):
list_store = Gtk.ListStore(int, bool)
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