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Fix to Python marshaling leaks for arrays holding GVariants

Add early check for array items holding pointers and simply assign the
pointer to GIArgument.v_pointer prior giving it to the per-item marshaler.
This simplifies marshaling and fixes leaks regarding arrays of GVariants by
removing the unneeded g_variant_ref_sink (variants are always pointers).
Conditionalize the use of g_variant_ref_sink based on transfer mode in the
per-item marshaler. This fixes a reference leak where we are given ownership
of the variant (transfer full) but added a new ref anyway.
parent c9580ce1
......@@ -351,36 +351,35 @@ _pygi_marshal_to_py_array (PyGIInvokeState *state,
item_size = g_array_get_element_size (array_);
for (i = 0; i < array_->len; i++) {
GIArgument item_arg;
GIArgument item_arg = {0};
PyObject *py_item;
/* If we are receiving an array of pointers, simply assign the pointer
* and move on, letting the per-item marshaler deal with the
* various transfer modes and ref counts (e.g. g_variant_ref_sink).
if (seq_cache->array_type == GI_ARRAY_TYPE_PTR_ARRAY) {
item_arg.v_pointer = g_ptr_array_index ( ( GPtrArray *)array_, i);
} else if (item_arg_cache->is_pointer) {
item_arg.v_pointer = g_array_index (array_, gpointer, i);
} else if (item_arg_cache->type_tag == GI_TYPE_TAG_INTERFACE) {
PyGIInterfaceCache *iface_cache = (PyGIInterfaceCache *) item_arg_cache;
gboolean is_gvariant = iface_cache->g_type == G_TYPE_VARIANT;
// FIXME: This probably doesn't work with boxed types or gvalues. See fx. _pygi_marshal_from_py_array()
switch (g_base_info_get_type (iface_cache->interface_info)) {
if (is_gvariant) {
g_assert (item_size == sizeof (gpointer));
if (arg_cache->transfer == GI_TRANSFER_EVERYTHING)
item_arg.v_pointer = g_variant_ref_sink (g_array_index (array_, gpointer, i));
item_arg.v_pointer = g_array_index (array_, gpointer, i);
} else if (arg_cache->transfer == GI_TRANSFER_EVERYTHING && !item_arg_cache->is_pointer &&
if (arg_cache->transfer == GI_TRANSFER_EVERYTHING &&
!g_type_is_a (iface_cache->g_type, G_TYPE_BOXED)) {
/* array elements are structs */
gpointer *_struct = g_malloc (item_size);
memcpy (_struct, array_->data + i * item_size,
item_arg.v_pointer = _struct;
} else if (item_arg_cache->is_pointer)
/* array elements are pointers to values */
item_arg.v_pointer = g_array_index (array_, gpointer, i);
} else {
item_arg.v_pointer = array_->data + i * item_size;
item_arg.v_pointer = g_array_index (array_, gpointer, i);
......@@ -858,10 +857,13 @@ _pygi_marshal_to_py_interface_struct (GIArgument *arg,
} else if (g_type_is_a (g_type, G_TYPE_VARIANT)) {
/* Note we do not use transfer for the structs free_on_dealloc because
* GLib.Variant overrides __del__ to call "g_variant_unref". */
/* Note: sink the variant (add a ref) only if we are not transfered ownership.
* GLib.Variant overrides __del__ which will then call "g_variant_unref" for
* cleanup in either case. */
if (py_type) {
g_variant_ref_sink (arg->v_pointer);
if (transfer == GI_TRANSFER_NOTHING) {
g_variant_ref_sink (arg->v_pointer);
py_obj = _pygi_struct_new ((PyTypeObject *) py_type,
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