Commit 21076d4b authored by Simon Feltman's avatar Simon Feltman
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Use hasattr when testing for __info__ when finding vfuncs

Change gi.types.find_vfunc_info_in_interface to use hasattr
when finding vfuncs. Using '__info__' in __dict__ was skipping
overridden interfaces which don't directly contain the __info__.
parent 1b5c9b3d
......@@ -191,7 +191,7 @@ def find_vfunc_info_in_interface(bases, vfunc_name):
# Skip bases without __info__ (static _gobject._gobject.GObject)
if base is GInterface or\
not issubclass(base, GInterface) or\
not '__info__' in base.__dict__ or\
not hasattr(base, '__info__') or\
not isinstance(base.__info__, InterfaceInfo):
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