Commit 1bb267f1 authored by Dustin Falgout's avatar Dustin Falgout Committed by Simon Feltman
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gi: Add require_versions() function

Adds a new function that accepts a dict of one or more namespace, version
pairs through which it iterates and calls `gi.require_version()`
for each pair. Also adds a test for the new function.
parent b3f897b9
......@@ -85,6 +85,22 @@ def check_version(version):
def require_version(namespace, version):
""" Ensures the correct versions are loaded when importing `gi` modules.
:param namespace: The name of module to require.
:type namespace: str
:param version: The version of module to require.
:type version: str
:raises ValueError: If module/version is already loaded, already required, or unavailable.
.. code-block:: python
import gi
gi.require_version('Gtk', '3.0')
repository = Repository.get_default()
if namespace in repository.get_loaded_namespaces():
......@@ -108,6 +124,23 @@ def require_version(namespace, version):
_versions[namespace] = version
def require_versions(requires):
""" Utility function for consolidating multiple `gi.require_version()` calls.
:param requires: The names and versions of modules to require.
:type requires: dict
.. code-block:: python
import gi
gi.require_versions({'Gtk': '3.0', 'GLib': '2.0', 'Gio': '2.0'})
for module_name, module_version in requires.items():
require_version(module_name, module_version)
def get_required_version(namespace):
return _versions.get(namespace, None)
......@@ -145,6 +145,12 @@ class TestImporter(unittest.TestCase):
from gi.repository import InvalidGObjectRepositoryModuleName
def test_require_versions(self):
import gi
gi.require_versions({'GLib': '2.0', 'Gio': '2.0', 'GObject': '2.0'})
from gi.repository import GLib
def test_get_import_stacklevel(self):
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