Commit 0f6c5717 authored by Simon Feltman's avatar Simon Feltman
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Add marshalling of GI_TYPE_TAG_VOID held in a GValue to int

Replace assertion for this case with a simple marshalling of the
pointer value to a Python int. While not particularly useful
this allows some callbacks in WebKit to function without causing
a segfault.
parent e0084e7e
......@@ -1899,8 +1899,8 @@ _pygi_argument_from_g_value(const GValue *value,
arg.v_pointer = g_value_get_boxed (value);
g_critical("Converting of type '%s' is not implemented", g_type_tag_to_string(type_tag));
arg.v_pointer = g_value_get_pointer (value);
return arg;
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