Commit 88563ec7 authored by mjash's avatar mjash Committed by Florian Müllner

serverRoomManager: Fix double-toggling of checkboxes

As activating a checkbox via keyboard navigation does not emit
the ::row-activated signal, we need to handle ::toggled as well.
However as clicking a row will emit both signals, we currently
end up toggling the checkbox twice in that case (that is, back
to its original state). Address this by only handling ::toggled
in response to keyboard events.
parent 4741eb5c
const GLib =;
const GObject =;
const Gtk =;
const Gdk =;
const Pango =;
const Tp =;
......@@ -189,7 +190,10 @@ const ServerRoomList = new Lang.Class({
this._toggleRenderer.connect('toggled', (cell, pathStr) => {
// For pointer devices, ::row-activated is emitted as well
let dev = Gtk.get_current_event_device();
if (dev && dev.input_source == Gdk.InputSource.KEYBOARD)
this._manager = getDefault();
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