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Bump version to 3.24.2

Update NEWS.
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3.24.2 - "She's Spaghetti"
* Support NickServ bots that don't handle nick in identify command
[Justyn, Florian; #772915]
* Improve handling of temporarily unavailble networks [Florian; #784047]
* Fix double-toggling of room checkboxes [mjash; #782969]
* Misc. bug fixes [Florian; #781686]
mjash, Christian Kirbach, Florian Müllner, Justyn Temme
Christian Kirbach [de], Piotr Drąg [pl], Rafael Fontenelle [pt_BR],
Mario Blättermann [de], Balázs Meskó [hu], Marek Cernocky [cs],
Kukuh Syafaat [id]
3.24.1 - "I'm always Kate Winslet" 3.24.1 - "I'm always Kate Winslet"
================================== ==================================
* Share a spell checker to only load dictionaries once [Florian; #780762] * Share a spell checker to only load dictionaries once [Florian; #780762]
AC_INIT([polari],[3.24.1],[],[polari]) AC_INIT([polari],[3.24.2],[],[polari])
AX_IS_RELEASE([git-directory]) AX_IS_RELEASE([git-directory])
AC_SUBST([APP_ID],[org.gnome.Polari]) AC_SUBST([APP_ID],[org.gnome.Polari])
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