1. 29 Sep, 2022 2 commits
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  9. 11 Jul, 2022 2 commits
    • Florian Müllner's avatar
      connections: Use EntryRows · f1c32c1f
      Florian Müllner authored
      libadwaita now provides a standard widget for rows with text
      input. Use it to get a more elegant UI than the current row
      with label and entry with less code.
      Part-of: <!258>
    • Florian Müllner's avatar
      connections: Use custom realname completion · bd4bc059
      Florian Müllner authored
      EntryCompletion is tied to the Entry widget, so our realname
      completion is currently preventing us from moving to libadwaita's
      new EntryRow widget.
      Luckily we don't use most of EntryCompletion's functionality: We
      only have a single completion that is inserted directly into the
      That use is simple enough to reimplement it ourselves.
      Part-of: <!258>
  10. 09 Jul, 2022 5 commits
    • Florian Müllner's avatar
      app: Remove comment from About window · 1df3a112
      Florian Müllner authored
      In the old dialog, the `comments` property is used as a tagline.
      The new UI uses it for actual (possibly long) comments that are
      provided as additional details. We don't really have that, so
      stop setting it.
      Part-of: <!256>
    • Florian Müllner's avatar
      app: Credit designers · 7e40fcf6
      Florian Müllner authored
      The new Adw.AboutWindow has a predefined property for design,
      so we can finally give credit without jumping through hoops
      (or mix credits for UX and artwork).
      Part-of: <!256>
    • Florian Müllner's avatar
      app: Switch to Adw.AboutWindow · 4ec0db3f
      Florian Müllner authored
      libadwaita recently added an AboutDialog alternative that isn't
      just adaptive, but can also be more opinionated in its design
      language than GTK.
      Part-of: <!256>
    • Florian Müllner's avatar
      ci: Override flatpak artifacts · c4f1e37a
      Florian Müllner authored
      Using variables in artifact paths broke for some reason, so the
      artifacts defined by the template aren't actually exposed right
      Redefine the affected artifacts for now by substituting the
      variables, so exposing the flatpak bundle works again.
      Part-of: <!257>
    • Florian Müllner's avatar
      ci: Remove BUNDLES variable from nightly job · ed4ef97c
      Florian Müllner authored
      The template stopped using it 3 years ago.
      Part-of: <!257>
  11. 04 Jul, 2022 1 commit
  12. 03 Jul, 2022 1 commit
    • Florian Müllner's avatar
      telepathyClient: Show notifications for pending messages · 98f2c2c7
      Florian Müllner authored
      If a private conversation is initiated by another user, the channel
      is created in response to a message. That is, the message was received
      before the channel existed and is already pending. And as we only
      process notifications when receiving a message, we will never show
      a notification in that case.
      Fix that by explicitly processing pending messages when observing
      a new channel.
      Part-of: <!254>
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    • Florian Müllner's avatar
      MainWindow: Remove left-over app menu · db3dab61
      Florian Müllner authored
      We kept a minimal app menu around when the menu was phased out,
      to keep the 'Quit' action working as expected. But the shell
      stopped showing the menu years ago, and nowadays its quit
      implementation considers the 'app.quit' action, so there's no
      longer any reason for dragging the old left-over along.
      Part-of: <!252>
  17. 19 Mar, 2022 8 commits