Commit a6d7dc23 authored by Florian Müllner's avatar Florian Müllner
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chatView: Guard calls to gtk_style_context_get_color()

Commit fe51ac273c8 changed the fallback behavior when the looked up
state mismatches the actual state; as a result, the lookup may now
trigger the GtkStyleContext::changed signal - and as we happen to do
the lookup from a ::changed handler, we set off infinite recursion
with the expected fatal consequences.
Prevent this by guarding the lookup with a save()/restore() pair.
parent d465a54c
......@@ -189,8 +189,10 @@ const ChatView = new Lang.Class({
let dimColor = context.get_color(Gtk.StateFlags.NORMAL);
let linkColor = context.get_color(Gtk.StateFlags.LINK);
this._activeNickColor = context.get_color(Gtk.StateFlags.LINK);
let desaturatedNickColor = ( + +
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