Commit cb155cfe authored by Ahmed Baïzid's avatar Ahmed Baïzid Committed by Alexandre Franke

Correct the User Guide concerning the command line.
parent b5db0f39
......@@ -487,13 +487,12 @@
<term>Command line</term>
<para>To start <application>&app;</application> from a command line,
type the following command, then press <keycap>Return</keycap>:</para>
<para> there are no command line parameters at this time.
<para>To start <application>&app;</application> from a command line,
type <command>&cmd;</command>, then press <keycap>Return</keycap>.</para>
<para>To view available command line options,
type <command>&cmd; --help</command>, then press <keycap>Return</keycap>.</para>
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