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2009-04-15 Maurice van der Pot <>
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Author: Maurice van der Pot <>
Date: Sat Oct 24 14:31:20 2009 +0200
* Version 0.14.4
2009-04-15 Maurice van der Pot <>
* Makefile.win32: Adapted createinstaller target to new name of
libexpat-1.dll. This means that on Windows you will need expat-2.0.1-1 or
2009-04-14 Maurice van der Pot <>
* Makefile.win32:
* docs/Makefile.win32:
* docs/user-guide/Makefile.win32:
* docs/user-guide/C/Makefile.win32: Added makefiles for building and
installing the user guide on Windows. This requires docbook-xml and
docbook-xsl to be installed under $(PREFIX)/src. There is room for
improvement here, because the paths are currently hardcoded.
Also fixed installer to include libgio-2.0-0.dll.
* docs/user-guide/C/planner.xml: Make images non-floating again.
* libplanner/mrp-sql.c (mrp_sql_load_project),
* src/planner-sql-plugin.c (sql_get_tested_connection):
Properly quoted timezone in SQL. It was causing problems with
PostgreSQL 8.0.x (bug #571801).
2009-04-07 Maurice van der Pot <>
* README: Fixed typo.
* libplanner/mrp-old-xml.c (old_xml_read_project):
Fixed possible NULL pointer dereference (bug #334116).
* src/planner-project-properties.c (mpp_property_value_data_func),
* src/planner-resource-view.c (resource_view_property_data_func):
* src/planner-task-tree.c (task_tree_property_data_func):
Fixed use of uninitialized variables (bug #334113).
2009-04-01 Kurt Maute <>
* src/planner-format.c:
Add minutes to duration format
2009-03-21 Maurice van der Pot <>
* docs/user-guide/C/planner.xml:
Patch by Alexandre Franke <>
to fix an index entry in the user guide (bug #571435).
2009-03-21 Maurice van der Pot <>
* data/
Added GNOME and GTK categories to the .desktop file.
Patch by Alexandre Franke <>,
fixing bug #328017.
2008-12-29 Maurice van der Pot <>
* README: Brought up to date.
* Makefile.win32:
* installer/english.nsh:
* installer/langmacros.nsh:
* installer/planner-installer.nsi:
* src/Makefile.win32:
- Moved installer languages to separate directory.
- Removed traces of libgnomeprint
- Decreased verbosity of Windows installer build
2008-12-24 Maurice van der Pot <>
* Replaced --enable-database with --with-database to
allow selection of libgda version (patch by Gilles Dartiguelongue
<> in bug #562984). This will become
useful again when we start supporting libgda 4.0.
* libplanner/mrp-sql.c (sql_quote_and_escape_const_string),
(sql_quote_and_escape_string), (sql_get_last_error), (get_int),
(get_id), (get_string), (get_boolean), (get_float),
(sql_read_property_specs), (mrp_sql_load_project),
(sql_write_project), (sql_write_phases), (sql_write_phase),
(sql_write_specific_property_specs), (sql_write_property_specs),
(sql_write_property_values), (sql_write_day_types),
(sql_write_overridden_day_type), (sql_write_overridden_dates),
(sql_write_calendars_recurse), (sql_write_groups),
(sql_write_resources), (sql_write_tasks), (mrp_sql_save_project):
* src/planner-sql-plugin.c (sql_get_last_error), (get_int),
(get_string), (create_database), (sql_get_tested_connection),
(sql_plugin_retrieve_project_id), (sql_plugin_save):
- Added escaping of strings used in SQL statements (fixing bug #168147
reported by Iain Rae <>)
- Dropped support for libgda < 3.0
- Fixed error in sql_read_property_specs introduced in revision 881.
2008-11-05 Maurice van der Pot <>
* libplanner/mrp-parser.c: Removed unused function.
* libplanner/mrp-task-manager.c: Commented out unused functions.
* data/ui/main-window.ui:
* src/planner-gantt-print.c:
* src/planner-gantt-print.h:
* src/planner-gantt-view.c (gantt_view_print):
* src/planner-print-dialog.c:
* src/planner-print-dialog.h:
* src/planner-print-job.c:
* src/planner-print-job.h:
* src/planner-resource-view.c (resource_view_print),
* src/planner-table-print-sheet.c:
* src/planner-table-print-sheet.h:
* src/planner-task-view.c (task_view_print),
* src/planner-usage-view.c (usage_view_print):
* src/planner-view.c (planner_view_print):
* src/planner-view.h:
* src/planner-window.c: Rewrote printing to use the GTK printing API. Thanks
to Francisco Moraes for an initial patch. Also fixed a few memory leaks.
2008-09-01 Maurice van der Pot <>
* src/planner-usage-row.c (usage_row_draw_resource_ival),
(usage_row_draw_resource): Fix drawing of the left edge of resource usage
bars, patch by Lee Bay <>
2008-08-21 Maurice van der Pot <>
* data/stylesheets/
* data/stylesheets/html1_css.xsl:
* data/stylesheets/html1_css_ie.xsl:
* data/stylesheets/html1_css_ie7.xsl:
* data/stylesheets/html1_gantt.xsl:
* data/stylesheets/html1_resources.xsl:
* data/stylesheets/html1_tasks.xsl:
* data/stylesheets/planner2html.xsl:
Switched over from tables to divs for layout. Markup and CSS was validated
and tested with Firefox 3.0.1 (perfect), Firefox (minor issue with
scrollbars), Opera 9.51 (perfect), Internet Explorer 6.0 & 7.0 (gantt
scrollbars always visible, milestone diamond is shown as a square).
Should fix bugs #471218 and #478027.
2008-07-29 Maurice van der Pot <>
* Makefile.win32: Fix makefile for Windows to work with both libpng <=
1.2.8, where the dll was named libpng13.dll, and libpng >= 1.2.29, where it
is named libpng12-0.dll.
2008-07-29 Maurice van der Pot <>
* Makefile.win32: Added font description files needed for printing on
Windows (fixes crashes or lock-ups when trying to print). Also added a
printer icon that was missing and the menu description for the print preview
* data/ Removed a few references to "Imendio Planner" that
would end up in the executable for Windows.
2008-07-22 Maurice van der Pot <>
* src/
Now building everything in src/ except planner_main.c into a convenience
library that can be used for testing.
* src/planner-cmd-manager.c (transaction_cmd_do): Abort redo-ing as soon as
the end of the transaction is encountered. Fixes bug #420443 reported by
Lincoln Phipps <>.
* tests/
* tests/cmd-manager-test.c (test_cmd_do), (test_cmd_undo),
(test_cmd_free), (test_cmd), (main):
Added test for PlannerCmdManager, including regression test for bug #420443.
2008-07-22 Maurice van der Pot <>
* libplanner/mrp-paths-gnome.c (mrp_paths_get_image_dir):
Fix path to images, which was incorrectly set to "glade" in previous commit.
2008-07-22 Maurice van der Pot <>
* libplanner/mrp-calendar.c (mrp_calendar_copy):
Fix a bug in copying default day types when copying a calendar on 64-bit
* tests/calendar-test.c (main):
Fixed a bug in the tests that only showed up on 64-bit platforms.
* libplanner/
* libplanner/mrp-paths-gnome.c (mrp_paths_get_glade_dir),
(mrp_paths_get_image_dir), (mrp_paths_get_plugin_dir),
(mrp_paths_get_dtd_dir), (mrp_paths_get_stylesheet_dir),
(mrp_paths_get_file_modules_dir), (mrp_paths_get_ui_dir),
* tests/
* tests/files/
Allow various paths to be overridden through environment variables, so the
tests can be run before planner (and its plugins) have been installed.
Now tests are run successfully in make check and make distcheck.
2008-07-20 Maurice van der Pot <>
* libplanner/mrp-sql.c: Properly fixed bug #539993.
2008-07-20 Maurice van der Pot <>
* acinclude.m4: change --with-compile-warnings to --enable-compile-warnings
* fix error from sed when running
* libplanner/mrp-sql.c: Fix missing semicolon in database support code,
fixing bug #539993 (patch by Mirco Müller <>).
* src/planner-window.c: (window_restore_state): Use a reasonable default
window size if no previous window size is known.
2008-07-18 Maurice van der Pot <>
* Makefile.win32:
* installer/planner-installer.nsi:
Fixed paths to executable in installer and included GTK+ translations.
Thanks to Massimiliano Franco for bringing these problems to my attention.
2008-07-17 Maurice van der Pot <>
* Makefile.win32:
* installer/english.nsh:
* installer/langmacros.nsh:
* installer/planner-installer.nsi:
* libplanner/Makefile.win32:
* src/Makefile.win32:
Added a 'createinstaller' target to the Makefiles for Windows that uses the
Nullsoft scriptable install system to create an installer.
2008-04-29 Maurice van der Pot <>
* tests/ Fix for parallel build issue reported as bug #529045 by
Gilles Dartiguelongue <>
2008-04-20 Maurice van der Pot <>
* Enabling evolution data server backend support caused
configure to fail (bug #528971). Thanks to Robin Cook <> for
noticing and providing a patch.
* libplanner/ Adding -lm to LIBADD for libplanner as suggested
by Marcin Banasiak <>, hopefully fixing bug #528582
reported by Patryk Zawadzki <>.
2008-04-16 Maurice van der Pot <>
* Version 0.14.3
2008-04-15 Maurice van der Pot <>
* data/mime/ Remove the update-desktop-database line altogether,
because as far as I can tell it's the distribution's job to run it.
The change previously committed was incorrect. The build may have succeeded,
but the mimeinfo cache was generated in the wrong place.
2008-04-13 Maurice van der Pot <>
* data/mime/ Prevent failure of update-desktop-database when not
performing make install as root.
2008-04-08 Maurice van der Pot <>
* Now requiring libxml-2.6.27 and libxslt-1.1.23, because the
latter is the first release containing the week-in-year fix (bug #452876),
which we need for our changes in html1_gantt.xsl committed in revision 850.
2008-04-05 Maurice van der Pot <>
* Makefile.win32: Add better default PREFIX for build on Windows.
* data/stylesheets/planner2html.xsl: Update link to homepage in exported
HTML and underline it so people will know it's a link (bug #430477).
2008-03-26 Maurice van der Pot <>
* src/planner-gantt-view.c: (gantt_view_create_widget):
Added percent complete column to gantt view as well.
* src/planner-task-tree.c: (task_tree_complete_edited),
Added range checking for percent complete column to prevent GTK warnings.
2008-03-15 Maurice van der Pot <>
* data/stylesheets/html1_gantt.xsl:
Use long resource name in exported HTML if no short resource name is given,
also for milestone tasks (bug #439180).
2008-03-15 Maurice van der Pot <>
* libplanner/mrp-task-manager.c:
(task_manager_do_forward_pass), (task_manager_do_backward_pass),
(check_move_traverse_recursive), (check_move_traverse),
Fixed bug #382548. Planner now correctly detects loops that would be created
by indenting a task that is a predecessor of the task that would become its
parent, so it will no longer crash trying to undo an invalid action.
* tests/task-test.c: (main):
Added regression tests for bug #382548 and related issues.
2008-03-03 Kurt Maute <>
* src/planner-task-view.c
Patch to correct L10N error per bug # 520064
2008-02-27 Kurt Maute <>
* src/planner-task-tree.c
* src/planner-gantt-model.c
* src/planner-gantt-model.h
* src/planner-task-view.c:
Patch to add % complete column to task view. Original patch by Robert
Mibus, enhanced by me to allow edit of the % complete column in task
view. Bug # 379975
2008-02-15 Maurice van der Pot <>
* src/planner-task-tree.c: (planner_task_tree_indent_task),
Keep selection as much as possible when indenting and unindenting.
2008-02-15 Maurice van der Pot <>
* src/eel-canvas-rect.c: (eel_canvas_rect_bounds):
* src/planner-gantt-chart.c: (gantt_chart_map),
(gantt_chart_size_allocate), (gantt_chart_reflow_idle),
(planner_gantt_chart_set_model), (gantt_chart_get_visible_region),
* src/planner-gantt-chart.h:
* src/planner-gantt-row.c: (gantt_row_drag_item_to_pointer),
(gantt_row_scroll_timeout_cb), (get_drag_spot), (gantt_row_event):
Allow dragging of duration beyond the window size and show the percentage in
the status bar when dragging progress.
2008-02-14 Maurice van der Pot <>
* data/mime/ Added indication that mime-type
application/x-planner is a sub-class of application/xml.
2008-02-14 Maurice van der Pot <>
* libplanner/
* libplanner/mrp-sql.c: (sql_execute_command), (sql_execute_query),
(sql_get_last_error), (get_int), (get_id), (get_string),
(get_boolean), (get_float), (is_field), (get_inserted_id),
(mrp_sql_init), (sql_read_project), (sql_read_phases),
(sql_read_property_specs), (sql_read_property_values),
(sql_read_overriden_day_types), (sql_read_overriden_days),
(sql_read_day_types), (sql_read_calendars), (sql_read_groups),
(sql_read_resources), (sql_read_assignments), (sql_read_relations),
(sql_read_tasks), (mrp_sql_load_project), (sql_write_project),
(sql_write_phases), (sql_write_phase), (sql_write_property_specs),
(sql_write_property_values), (sql_write_day_types),
(sql_write_overridden_day_type), (sql_write_overridden_dates),
(sql_write_calendars_recurse), (sql_write_calendar_id),
(sql_write_groups), (sql_write_default_group_id),
(sql_write_resources), (sql_write_tasks), (mrp_sql_save_project):
* libplanner/mrp-sql.h:
* libplanner/mrp-storage-sql.c: (storage_sql_init):
* src/
* src/planner-sql-plugin.c: (sql_execute_command),
(sql_execute_query), (sql_get_last_error), (get_int), (get_string),
(check_database_tables), (create_database),
(sql_get_tested_connection), (sql_plugin_retrieve_project_id),
(sql_plugin_save), (plugin_init):
Added support for libgda 3 as requested by Martin-Éric Racine
<> in bug #511833.
2008-02-11 Maurice van der Pot <>
* src/planner-sidebar.c: (planner_sidebar_append):
Created a LABEL_FOR relation for buttons in the sidebar to improve
accessibility as suggested in bug #337382 by Rich Burridge
2008-02-09 Maurice van der Pot <>
* libplanner/mrp-task-manager.c:
Don't let fixed duration tasks run during non-working intervals on a working
day (such as lunch time). This fixes the incorrect duration of fixed duration
tasks as reported in bug #486990 by Sebastien Roy <>.
* libplanner/mrp-task.c: (task_class_init):
Fixed typo in property description.
* src/planner-gantt-row.c: (gantt_row_notify_cb):
Allow changes in scheduling mode to update the gantt bar appearance.
2008-02-02 Maurice van der Pot <>
* libplanner/mrp-sql.c: (mrp_sql_load_project),
* src/planner-sql-plugin.c: (sql_get_tested_connection):
Now setting time zone to UTC in all connections to the database, otherwise
the database will assume date fields are in local time and mess up the
conversion to seconds since epoch. This caused a shift in project_start each
time a project was read from the database.
2008-01-29 Kurt Maute <>
Patch to correct distcheck error, courtesy of Gilles Dartiguelongue
(bug #464359)
* data/mime/
* data/
* data/stylesheets/
Patch to resolve bug #312029
* data/glade/
2008-01-23 Maurice van der Pot <>
* data/stylesheets/msp2planner.xsl: Now using OutlineNumber instead of WBS
when importing MS project XML, fixing bug #373008.
2008-01-13 Maurice van der Pot <>
* data/stylesheets/html1_tasks.xsl: fix calculation of task costs in
exported HTML for tasks worked on by multiple people (bug #499090).
2007-12-09 Maurice van der Pot <>
* don't fail on make install if update-mime-database or
update-desktop-database weren't found.
* src/planner-sql-plugin.c: (check_database_tables): call g_object_unref
instead of g_free on results from sql_execute_query. Should fix bug #397132.
2007-07-28 Kurt Maute <>
Patch to correct week number by Maurice van der Pot <>
Patch to use po/LINGUAS file by Gilles Dartiguelongue:
2007-07-28 Kurt Maute <>
Two patches from Maurice van der Pot:
* src/planner-task-tree.c - disable selection updates before manipulating
tasks (works for single selection, but not multiple - bug 436263)
* src/planner-gantt-row.c - fix resource name redraw in gantt chart when
dragging relation arrow over it
* MAINTAINERS - added Maurice
* AUTHORS - added Maurice
2007-07-15 Kurt Maute <>
The following update provided by Maurice van der Pot <>
* src/planner-gantt-row.c - allow dragging the completion bar in the
gantt chart
Clean up some of the indenting in the .xsl files:
* data/dtd/mrproject-0.6.dtd
* data/stylesheets/html1_tasks.xsl
* data/stylesheets/html1_css.xsl
* data/stylesheets/html1_resources.xsl
* data/stylesheets/msp2planner.xsl
* data/stylesheets/html1_gantt.xsl
* data/stylesheets/planner2html.xsl
2007-07-02 Kurt Maute <>
The following update provided by Maurice van der Pot <>
* escape newlines in ALL_LINGUAS
* data/stylesheets/html1_css_ie.xsl
* data/stylesheets/html1_css.xsl
* data/stylesheets/html1_gantt.xsl
* data/stylesheets/
* data/stylesheets/planner2html.xsl - fix layout of gantt chart in
HTML export (headers not aligned with gantt bars) per bug #393620
2007-06-11 Chao-Hsiung Liao <>
* Added 'zh_HK' to ALL_LINGUAS.
2007-04-12 Gintautas Miliauskas <>
* Added 'lt' to ALL_LINGUAS.
2007-03-13 Kurt Maute <>
* planner-gantt-chart.c
* planner-gantt-chart.h
* planner-gantt-view.c:
Store 'Show Guide Lines' setting in gconf - contributed by Marie
Durand <>
2007-02-05 Matic Zgur <>
* Added 'sl' to ALL_LINGUAS.
2007-01-03 Jordi Mas i Hernàndez <>
* planner-gantt-view.c: adds mouse wheel support to
to the gannt view.
* planner-usage-view.c: adds mouse wheel support to
to the usage view.
2007-01-02 Jordi Mas i Hernàndez <>
* libplanner/mrp-task-manager.c: fixes bug #372694
2006-12-27 Jordi Mas i Hernàndez <>
* planner-html-plugin.c: fixes bug #388454. We were freeing a
memory block that was already free.
2006-12-27 Jordi Mas i Hernàndez <>
* data/stylesheets/html1_gantt.xsl: I18N for strings and dates
* data/stylesheets/html1_resources.xsl: I18N for strings and dates
* data/stylesheets/html1_tasks.xsl: I18N for strings and dates
* data/stylesheets/planner2html.xsl: I18N for strings and dates
* libplanner/mrp-xsl.c: Add I18N support for HTML export
* po/ Adds localizable.xml
* data/stylesheets/localizable.xml: New strings to localise
2006-12-14 Kurt Maute <>
* src/planner-window.c: use ngettext for translation of plural. Bug
# 345163, patch contributed by Arthur Petitpierre
* data/stylesheets/html1_css.xsl: fix row height alignment of gantt
on html export when viewed in Internet Explorer. Bug # 332748, patch
contributed by Nico de Groot
* data/images/(various).png: commit Tango images contributed by
Frédéric Bellaiche via bug #357525
2006-11-26 Kurt Maute <>
* Version 0.14.2
* data/mime/ bug #353232 - patch to raise majic
priority, fixing nautilus behavior when clicking on a planner file
2006-11-25 Kurt Maute <>
* src/planner-gantt-background.c: bug #368186 - patch to paint guide
lines behind project start date rather than on top - contributed by
Arthur Petitpierre
* acinclude.m4: added -Wno-return-type for compile with database
* libplanner/mrp-sql.c
* src/planner-sql-plugin.c:
patch related to bug #353213 - added #ifdefs to allow compile with
libgda 1 or 2, up to libgda-1.9.102
2006-11-18 Djihed Afifi <>
* Added Arabic.
2006-11-12 Kurt Maute <>
* src/planner-gantt-row.c: fix for bug 358415 crash in gantt view,
contributed by Arthur Petitpierre and mdpoole trolius org.
2006-09-24 Kurt Maute <>
* Version 0.14.1
2006-09-23 Kurt Maute <>
* data/planner.1: man page contributed by Martin-Eric Racine
* data/ for man page contributed by Martin-Eric Racine
* fix for bug #353213 contrubuted by Dennis Lubert
* libplanner/mrp-sql.c: fix for bug #353213 contrubuted by Dennis Lubert
* src/planner-sql-plugin.c: fix for bug #353213 contrubuted by Dennis Lubert
2006-09-13 Pema Geyleg <>
* Added dz in ALL_LINGUAS
2006-07-08 Kurt Maute <>
* docs/user-guide/es/planner.xml: add encoding to header, correct <mediaobject> tags
* docs/user-guide/eu/planner.xml: convert from dos to unix format
* src/planner-format.c: fix NULL pointer deref - bug #334121
* src/planner-gantt-row.c: patch to fix segv on scrolling - bug #345517
2006-06-20 Kurt Maute <>
* docs/user-guide/eu/planner.xml: Correct validation errors
* po/ Added missing files per bug #344793
* README: Put some better, more current info in there
* NEWS: Updates since v0.13
2006-06-11 Kurt Maute <>
* Version 0.14
* po/ Removed referece to
* python/ Correct error when builddir != srcdir
* src/planner-window.c: Change planner homepage in about box to
Correct distcheck errors and cut v0.14
2006-05-23 Kurt Maute <>
* src/planner-window.c
Updated About box info: Added self as maintainer, removed Imendio from name.
2006-05-23 Kurt Maute <>
* docs/user-guide/C/planner.xml
Updated user guide
2006-05-23 Kurt Maute <>
* data/ui/gantt-view.ui
* src/planner-gantt-background.c
* src/planner-gantt-chart.c
* src/planner-gantt-chart.h
* src/planner-gantt-view.c
Changed 'Hint' lines to 'Guide' Lines
2006-05-19 Kurt Maute <>
* data/ui/gantt-view.ui
* src/planner-gantt-background.c
* src/planner-gantt-chart.c
* src/planner-gantt-chart.h
* src/planner-gantt-view.c
Hint lines patch courtesy of Nguyễn Thái Ngọc Duy
Shows horizontal lines on Gantt to help line up task tree with chart
Closes Bug # 303374
2006-05-19 Kurt Maute <>
* libplanner/mrp-task.c
Fix typo impr_task_get_constraint when compiling with simple priority scheduling
2006-05-02 Kurt Maute <>
* libplanner/mrp-file-module.c
* libplanner/mrp-storage-module-factory.c
* src/planner-cell-renderer-popup.c
* src/planner-gantt-row.c
* src/planner-plugin-loader.c
* src/planner-resource-view.c
* src/planner-window.c
Fix for compiling with gcc 4.1 - type punned pointers that break strict aliasing rules
2006-04-29 Kurt Maute <>
* src/planner-gantt-view.c
* src/planner-usage-view.c
Fix for bug 128983 - Gantt bar height doesn't match treeview row height
Patch contributed by Francisco Moraes <>
2006-04-23 Kurt Maute <>
* src/planner-gantt-chart.c
Fix for Bug 339284 - patch contributed by Mardy
gantt_chart_reflow_do should return 0 if node is empty
2006-04-21 Kurt Maute <>
* src/planner-task-tree.c
Patch to fix bug 322570 - Crash when indenting tasks
Patch contributed by Alejandro García Castro
2006-04-19 Kurt Maute <>
* docs/libplanner/tmpl/mrp-relation.sgml
* libplanner/mrp-private.h
* libplanner/mrp-task-manager.c
* libplanner/mrp-task.c
* src/planner-task-dialog.c
Add support for FF and SF relationships
2006-04-18 Kjartan Maraas <>
* Remove obsolete entry for no_NO
* po/no.po: And the translation.
2006-04-11 Kurt Maute <>
* src/planner-usage-chart.c
Comment out 'View for Usage configured' message
2006-04-11 Alvaro del Castillo <>
* src/planner-usage-row.c
Disable right click edit dialogs. Enable edit dialogs with
double left click.
2006-04-11 Kurt Maute <>
* libplanner/mrp-task.h
* libplanner/mrp-task.c
* src/planner-task-tree.c
* src/planner-gantt-chart.c
* data/ui/gantt-view.ui
* libplanner/mrp-task-manager.c
* src/planner-task-tree.h
* src/planner-gantt-chart.h
* libplanner/mrp-calendar.c
* libplanner/mrp-calendar.h
* src/planner-gantt-view.c
* src/planner-task-view.c
* src/planner-gantt-row.c
* data/
Matteo Nastasi's patch to add:
* Gantt chart visualization of nonstandard working times
* Simple priority scheduling (previously known as vampire tasks)
2006-04-07 Alvaro del Castillo <>
* src/planner-usage-chart.c
* src/planner-usage-chart.h
* src/planner-usage-model.c
* src/planner-usage-model.h
* src/planner-usage-row.c
* src/planner-usage-tree.h
* src/planner-usage-view.c
You can left click now in tasks and resources bars in resource usage
view canvas graph in order to select them and also, you can right
click in them in order to edit them.
2006-04-02 Kjartan Maraas <>
* src/planner-window.c: (window_do_save_as): Fix
NULL deref found by the coverity checker. Bug #334120.
2006-01-24 Clytie Siddall <>
* Added vi in ALL_LINGUAS line.
2005-09-14 Ilkka Tuohela <>
* Added fi to ALL_LINGUAS
2005-09-05 Iñaki Larrañaga <>
* Added "docs/user-guide/eu/Makefile" to AC_CONFIG_FILES.
2005-09-05 Iñaki Larrañaga <>
* Added "eu" to ALL_LINGUAS.
2005-06-06 Kjartan Maraas <>
* src/planner-resource-view.c: (resource_view_edit_columns_cb):
Fix a typo in a string. Reported by Christian Rose. Closes bug
2005-05-24 Pawan chitrakar <>
* Added ne in ALL_LINGUAS
2005-05-19 Richard Hult <>
* Commit makefiles for win32 and the last change to main for
2005-05-18 Richard Hult <>
* docs/sql/README.sql: Patch from to improve
2005-04-30 Richard Hult <>
* src/planner-eds-plugin.c (plugin_init): Use the right path
function and the right path.
2005-04-26 Richard Hult <>
* libplanner/mrp-application.c: (application_init_gettext):
* libplanner/mrp-paths-gnome.c: (mrp_paths_get_sql_dir),
* libplanner/mrp-paths-win32.c: (mrp_paths_get_file_modules_dir),
(mrp_paths_get_sql_dir), (mrp_paths_get_locale_dir):
* src/
* src/planner-main.c: (main):
* src/planner-sql-plugin.c: (check_database_tables):
* src/planner-util-win32.c: (planner_util_show_url),
(planner_util_show_help): Modified patch from Francisco to fix up
the path stuff, and adding the sql and locale paths.
2005-04-23 Richard Hult <>
* data/images/
* data/mime/ Remove some old pre-GNOME 2.10 cruft.
* libplanner/
* src/
* libplanner/mrp-paths.h:
* libplanner/mrp-paths-gnome.c:
* libplanner/mrp-paths-win32.c:
* libplanner/*.[c]:
* src/*.[c]: Implement path handling for the data files in a cross
platform way, based on patch from Jani Tiainen.
* src/planner-gantt-view.c:
* src/planner-task-popup.c:
* src/planner-task-view.c:
* src/planner-usage-view.c:
* src/planner-resource-view.c:
* src/planner-window.c: (window_add_stock_icon),
(window_add_stock_icons), (window_populate): Add all the stock
icons we're using once, instead of in all the views etc.