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    src/planner-usage-chart.c src/planner-usage-chart.h · 2fbf98d9
    Alvaro del Castillo authored
    2006-04-07 Alvaro del Castillo  <acs@barrapunto.com>
            * src/planner-usage-chart.c
            * src/planner-usage-chart.h
            * src/planner-usage-model.c
            * src/planner-usage-model.h
            * src/planner-usage-row.c
            * src/planner-usage-tree.h
            * src/planner-usage-view.c
            You can left click now in tasks and resources bars in resource usage
            view canvas graph in order to select them and also, you can right
            click in them in order to edit them.
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