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    libplanner/mrp-project.c libplanner/mrp-resource.c · 43d9644e
    Alvaro del Castillo authored
    2004-02-17  Alvaro del Castillo  <acs@barrapunto.com>
            * libplanner/mrp-project.c
            * libplanner/mrp-resource.c
            * libplanner/mrp-resource.h
            * libplanner/mrp-task.c
            * src/planner-assignment-model.c
            * src/planner-group-dialog.c
            * src/planner-resource-view.c
            Completed the undo/redo stuff for resources and groups
            except the resource dialog that needs some thoughts.
            Started the implementation of free methods in undo/redo commands.
            Cleaned the use of object ids for the moment.
            Cleaned the object clone methods.
            * src/planner-test-plugin.c: cleaned test output
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