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    Update sensitivity for the context menu items. · a7ed5621
    Richard Hult authored
    2005-02-13  Richard Hult  <richard@imendio.com>
    	* src/planner-gantt-row.c (gantt_row_event): Update sensitivity
    	for the context menu items.
    	(gantt_row_get_selected_tasks): Add.
    	* src/planner-task-tree.c (task_tree_tree_view_popup_menu): Update
    	sensitivity and position the menu better.
    	* src/planner-task-popup.c
    	(planner_task_popup_update_sensitivity): Add, use to consistently
    	set sensitivity in the task context menu.
    	* src/planner-task-dialog.c (task_dialog_update_sensitivity): Make
    	it possible to set complete and priority always, but not work or
    	duration or fixed duration for milestones.
    	(task_dialog_update_title): Simplify.
    	* libplanner/mrp-task-manager.c
    	(task_manager_get_task_units_intervals): Allow this to be called
    	for milestone tasks.
    	(task_manager_calculate_milestone_work_start): Add, gets the work
    	start for milestones.
    	(task_manager_calculate_task_finish): Use the above for milestone
    	* libegg/recent-files/egg-recent-view-uimanager.c
    	(egg_recent_view_uimanager_set_list): Temporary fix for a crash.
    	* libplanner/mrp-task-manager.c
    	(task_manager_calculate_task_finish): Add to the comment and
    	special-case milestones so they get the correct start time.
    	* src/planner-task-tree.c (task_tree_duration_data_func)
    	(task_tree_work_data_func): Make duration/work not editable for
    	* libplanner/mrp-task-manager.c
    	* libplanner/mrp-project.c (mrp_project_get_block_scheduling)
    	(mrp_project_set_block_scheduling): Add.
    	* libplanner/mrp-object.c (mrp_object_set): Block scheduling
    	around the setting to avoid multiple rescheduling.
    	* src/planner-window.c (window_confirm_exit_run): Make the label
    	not selectable.
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