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    Fix bug #157254. · 50d534fc
    Richard Hult authored
    2005-03-15  Richard Hult  <richard@imendio.com>
    	Fix bug #157254.
    	* libplanner/mrp-time.c: Add new (temporary) API and use it to
    	improve performance a lot with large projects. Long term we should
    	either switch to it completely or rename it.
    	* src/planner-gantt-background.c: (gantt_background_draw):
    	* src/planner-gantt-header.c: (gantt_header_init),
    	(gantt_header_expose_event), (gantt_header_motion_notify_event):
    	* src/planner-gantt-print.c: (print_time_header):
    	* src/planner-scale-utils.c: (planner_scale_format_time):
    	* src/planner-scale-utils.h:
    	* src/planner-task-dialog.c: (task_dialog_update_schedule_label),
    	(task_dialog_calendar_changed_cb): Use the new API.
    	* tests/time-test.c: Remove obsolete test.
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