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    previewers: Pause each previewers when pausing the GeneratorManager · 756c69d7
    Thibault Saunier authored
    To enhance performance while removing assets we are pausing
    the previewer generation while deleting clips, this means that
    the current previewer is always reset to None (in the Manager) and we
    call `start_next_previewer` when we are done with the clip removal.
    If the clip holding the generator that was being used before pausing
    was not removed, it leads to that generator being restarted, but
    previous code was just recreating a new pipeline from it, without
    ever stoping previous pipeline, this previous pipeline was destructed
    while in PAUSED... leading to the deadlock described in the bug report.
    The strategy is to inform previewers that they should be
    PAUSED so that they just restart when needed.
    Fixes #2227
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