Commit f35d31c9 authored by Thibault Saunier's avatar Thibault Saunier

_project: Factor out a method to set a new encoding profile

And make sure we do not notify new values in that special case as we do
not want any other component to interfere on those new values (as they
have to be kept as is).

This is preliminary work to switch from our own implementation of
'rendering preset' to the upstream GstEncodingTarget API.
Reviewed-by: Alexandru Băluț's avatarAlex Băluț <>
Differential Revision:
parent 56b68eb4
......@@ -1131,37 +1131,71 @@ class Project(Loggable, GES.Project):
if self.scenario is not None:
# The project just loaded, we need to check the new
# encoding profiles and make use of it now.
container_profile = self.list_encoding_profiles()[0]
if container_profile is not self.container_profile:
# The encoding profile might have been reset from the
# Project file, we just take it as our
self.container_profile = container_profile
self.muxer = self._getElementFactoryName(
Encoders().muxers, container_profile)
if self.muxer is None:
self.muxer = Encoders().default_muxer
for profile in container_profile.get_profiles():
if isinstance(profile, GstPbutils.EncodingVideoProfile):
self.video_profile = profile
if self.video_profile.get_restriction() is None:
self.vencoder = self._getElementFactoryName(
Encoders().vencoders, profile)
elif isinstance(profile, GstPbutils.EncodingAudioProfile):
self.audio_profile = profile
if self.audio_profile.get_restriction() is None:
self.aencoder = self._getElementFactoryName(
Encoders().aencoders, profile)
self.warning("We do not handle profile: %s", profile)
profiles = self.list_encoding_profiles()
if profiles:
# The project just loaded, check the new
# encoding profile and make use of it now.
self.set_container_profile(profiles[0], reset_all=True)
def set_container_profile(self, container_profile, reset_all=False):
"""Sets @container_profile as new profile if usable.
profile (Gst.EncodingProfile): The Gst.EncodingContainerProfile to use
reset_all (bool): Do not use restrictions from the previously set profile
if container_profile == self.container_profile:
return False
previous_audio_rest = None
previous_video_rest = None
if not reset_all and self.container_profile:
if self.audio_profile:
previous_audio_rest = self.audio_profile.get_restriction()
if self.video_profile:
previous_video_rest = self.video_profile.get_restriction()
muxer = self._getElementFactoryName(
Encoders().muxers, container_profile)
if muxer is None:
muxer = Encoders().default_muxer
video_profile = audio_profile = vencoder = aencoder = None
for profile in container_profile.get_profiles():
if isinstance(profile, GstPbutils.EncodingVideoProfile):
video_profile = profile
if profile.get_restriction() is None:
self._ensureVideoRestrictions(profile, previous_video_rest)
vencoder = self._getElementFactoryName(Encoders().vencoders, profile)
if vencoder:
elif isinstance(profile, GstPbutils.EncodingAudioProfile):
audio_profile = profile
if profile.get_restriction() is None:
self._ensureAudioRestrictions(profile, previous_audio_rest)
aencoder = self._getElementFactoryName(Encoders().aencoders, profile)
if aencoder:
self.warning("We do not handle profile: %s", profile)
if not aencoder:
self.error("Can't use profile, no audio encoder found.")
return False
if not vencoder:
self.error("Can't use profile, no video encoder found.")
return False
self.container_profile = container_profile
self.video_profile = video_profile
self.audio_profile = audio_profile
return True
# ------------------------------------------ #
# Our API #
......@@ -1433,21 +1467,42 @@ class Project(Loggable, GES.Project):
if not self.ges_timeline.get_layers():
def _ensureVideoRestrictions(self):
if self.videowidth is None:
self.videowidth = 720
if self.videoheight is None:
self.videoheight = 576
if self.videorate is None:
self.videorate = Gst.Fraction(25, 1)
if self.videopar is None:
self.videopar = Gst.Fraction(1, 1)
def _ensureAudioRestrictions(self):
if not self.audiochannels:
self.audiochannels = 2
if not self.audiorate:
self.audiorate = 44100
def _ensureRestrictions(self, profile, values, ref_restrictions=None):
"""Make sure restriction values defined in @values are set on @profile.
profile (Gst.EncodingProfile): The Gst.EncodingProfile to use
values (dict): A key value dict to use to set restriction values
ref_restrictions (Gst.Caps): Reuse values from those caps instead
of @values if available.
self.debug("Ensuring %s", profile.get_restriction().to_string())
for fieldname, value in values:
# Only consider the first GstStructure
# FIXME Figure out everywhere how to be smarter.
cvalue = profile.get_restriction()[0][fieldname]
if cvalue is None:
if ref_restrictions and ref_restrictions[0][fieldname]:
value = ref_restrictions[0][fieldname]
res = Project._set_restriction(profile, fieldname, value)
def _ensureVideoRestrictions(self, profile=None, ref_restrictions=None):
values = [
("width", 720),
("height", 576),
("framerate", Gst.Fraction(25, 1)),
("pixel-aspect-ratio", Gst.Fraction(1, 1))
if not profile:
profile = self.video_profile
self._ensureRestrictions(profile, values, ref_restrictions)
def _ensureAudioRestrictions(self, profile=None, ref_restrictions=None):
if not profile:
profile = self.audio_profile
return self._ensureRestrictions(profile,
[("channels", 2), ("rate", 44100)], ref_restrictions)
def _maybeInitSettingsFromAsset(self, asset):
"""Updates the project settings to match the specified asset.
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