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# Pitivi 0.99
# 0.99 Release “Ocean Big Chair”
Still WIP, follow advancement [on phabricator](
As of September 21st, 2017, the Pitivi team is proud to announce the
first [Pitivi 1.0][] release candidate.
This release includes many bug fixes.
== Contributors for this release ==
104 Thibault Saunier
78 Alexandru Băluț
14 Stefan Popa
13 Suhas Nayak
4 namanyadav12
3 Fabian Orccon
2 Shivam Tripathi
2 Umang Jain
1 Aswin Mohan
1 Dan Muntean
1 Igor Gnatenko
1 Michael Sheldon
1 Rodolfo Ribeiro Gomes
1 dg1727
1 Suhas Nayak
In [GES]( (from 1.10.2 to 1.12.3):
51 Thibault Saunier
26 Sebastian Dröge
10 Tim-Philipp Müller
6 Alexandru Băluț
6 Nicolas Dufresne
6 Scott D Phillips
3 Guillaume Desmottes
2 Antonio Ospite
2 Edward Hervey
2 Stefan Popa
1 Corentin Noël
1 Mathieu Duponchelle
1 Philippe Renon
1 namanyadav12
1 suhas2go
   ca  Jordi Mas
cs Marek Cernocky
da Alan Mortensen
de Mario Blättermann, Wolfgang Stöggl
es Daniel Mustieles
hu Balázs Meskó, Gábor Kelemen
id Andika Triwidada
lt Aurimas Černius
pl Piotr Drąg
pt_BR Rafael Fontenelle, Enrico Nicoletto
sk Dušan Kazik
sr Мирослав Николић
sv Josef Andersson, Anders Jonsson
uk Daniel Korostil
# 0.999 Release “Test me please”
As of August 29th, 2018, the Pitivi team is proud to announce the
second [Pitivi 1.0][] release candidate.
Rendering non-square pixels was broken and has been disabled.
Thanks to Harish Fulara, now you can select a range of clips
on the timeline with shift+click, as it was described in the
[user manual](
The advanced settings of the h264 encoder allow specifying a Profile.
The xges project files should have an icon associated.
The Save and Render buttons in the headerbar have been moved
on the right side.
This release includes many bug fixes.
== Contributors for this release ==
86 Alexandru Băluț
64 Thibault Saunier
5 Harish Fulara
4 Yatin Maan
3 Elliott Sales de Andrade
1 Damanpreet Singh
1 Eli Schwartz
1 Nathaniel Graham
1 Sebastian Dröge
1 Sivakar Sithamparanathan
1 Suhas Nayak
1 Vibhanshu Vaibhav
1 luz.paz
1 nick richards
In [GES]( (from 1.12.3 to 1.14.2):
43 Thibault Saunier
28 Tim-Philipp Müller
7 Nicolas Dufresne
4 Edward Hervey
3 Sebastian Dröge
3 Stefan Popa
2 Harish Fulara
2 Mathieu Duponchelle
2 Matthew Waters
1 Ashish Kumar
cs Marek Černocký
da Ask Hjorth Larsen
de Mario Blättermann, Florian Heiser, Natanael Arndt, Tim Sabsch
es Daniel Mustieles
fr Claude Paroz
hu Balázs Úr, Balázs Meskó
id Andika Triwidada
lv Rūdolfs Mazurs
pl Piotr Drąg
pt_BR Rafael Fontenelle
sv Anders Jonsson
cs Marek Černocký
de Mario Blättermann
es Daniel Mustieles
fr Claude Paroz
sv Anders Jonsson
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