Commit d6201eea authored by Alexandru Băluț's avatar Alexandru Băluț

check: Disable hardware decoders

There were problems with vaapi. They should be reenabled when we focus
on them to fix the issues.

See #2340
parent 00d903ef
......@@ -255,17 +255,15 @@ def _check_videosink():
return videosink_factory
def _check_vaapi():
from gi.repository import Gst
if "vaapi" in os.environ.get("PITIVI_UNSTABLE_FEATURES", ""):
print("Vaapi decoders enabled.")
def _check_hardware_decoders():
if "hwdecoders" in os.environ.get("PITIVI_UNSTABLE_FEATURES", ""):
print("Hardware decoders enabled.")
for feature in Gst.Registry.get().get_feature_list_by_plugin("vaapi"):
if isinstance(feature, Gst.ElementFactory):
klass = feature.get_klass()
if "Decoder" in klass and "Video" in klass:
from gi.repository import Gst
for e in Gst.ElementFactory.list_get_elements(Gst.ELEMENT_FACTORY_TYPE_DECODER, Gst.Rank.NONE):
if "Hardware" in e.get_metadata("klass"):
def _check_gst_python():
......@@ -325,7 +323,7 @@ def check_requirements():
"Make sure you have a gtksink available."))
return False
return True
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