Commit cf98a2d2 authored by yatinmaan's avatar yatinmaan Committed by Alexandru Băluț

shortcuts: Only show one accelerator for every action

Fixes the dialog width issue in T7854

Depends on D1934

Reviewers: thiblahute, aleb

Maniphest Tasks: T7854

Differential Revision:
parent 34be2d3c
......@@ -203,8 +203,13 @@ class ShortcutsWindow(Gtk.ShortcutsWindow):
group = Gtk.ShortcutsGroup([group_id])
for action, title in[group_id]:
accelerators = " ".join(
short = Gtk.ShortcutsShortcut(title=title, accelerator=accelerators)
# Show only the first accelerator which is the main one.
# Don't bother with the others, to keep the dialog pretty.
accelerator =[0]
except IndexError:
accelerator = ""
short = Gtk.ShortcutsShortcut(title=title, accelerator=accelerator)
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