Commit cb47d926 authored by HarishFulara07's avatar HarishFulara07 Committed by Alexandru Băluț
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project: Use assets thumbs if no thumbs are present in XDG cache

parent bc3b713e
......@@ -44,6 +44,7 @@ from pitivi.preset import VideoPresetManager
from pitivi.render import Encoders
from pitivi.settings import get_dir
from pitivi.settings import xdg_cache_home
from pitivi.timeline.previewers import ThumbnailCache
from pitivi.undo.project import AssetAddedIntention
from pitivi.undo.project import AssetProxiedIntention
from pitivi.utils.loggable import Loggable
......@@ -836,6 +837,16 @@ class Project(Loggable, GES.Project):
except FileNotFoundError:
def __pick_thumb_from_assets_thumbs(assets):
"""Picks project thumbnail from assets thumbnails."""
for asset in assets:
thumb_cache = ThumbnailCache.get(asset)
thumb = thumb_cache.get_preview_thumbnail()
if thumb:
# First asset that has a preview thumbnail.
return thumb
def create_thumb(self):
"""Creates project thumbnails."""
thumb_path = self.get_thumb_path(self.uri, ORIGINAL_THUMB_DIR)
......@@ -848,7 +859,15 @@ class Project(Loggable, GES.Project):
# the assets in the current project, the one with maximum file size
# will be our project thumbnail -
assets_uri = [ for asset in self.listSources()]
assets = self.listSources()
assets_uri = [ for asset in assets]
if not assets_uri:
# There are no assets in the project,
# so make sure there are no project thumbs.
normal_thumb_path = None
large_thumb_path = None
normal_thumb_size = 0
......@@ -887,11 +906,14 @@ class Project(Loggable, GES.Project):
shutil.copyfile(normal_thumb_path, thumb_path)
shutil.copyfile(large_thumb_path, thumb_path)
# No asset thumbs available, so remove the existing
# project thumbnails, if any.
# No thumbnails available in the XDG cache.
thumb = self.__pick_thumb_from_assets_thumbs(assets)
if not thumb:
thumb.savev(thumb_path, "png", [], [])
def set_rendering(self, rendering):
"""Sets the a/v restrictions for rendering or for editing."""
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