Commit c39f7390 authored by Suhas's avatar Suhas Committed by Thibault Saunier

mediafilespreviewer: Uniform pane size behaviour for images and videos

There is no need to choose a maximum between pane size
and new image size, the pane adjusts to the new size.

This fixes T7681

Differential Revision:
parent d6082960
......@@ -417,8 +417,6 @@ class PreviewWidget(Gtk.Grid, Loggable):
pixbuf = pixbuf.scale_simple(
int(w), int(h), GdkPixbuf.InterpType.BILINEAR)
w = max(w, self.settings.FCpreviewWidth)
h = max(h, self.settings.FCpreviewHeight)
self.preview_image.set_size_request(int(w), int(h))
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