Commit c2223e82 authored by Fabián Orccón's avatar Fabián Orccón Committed by Alexandru Băluț

plugins: Add autocompletion in the Developer Console

parent e1bf7f85
......@@ -17,11 +17,16 @@
# License along with this program; if not, write to the
# Free Software Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin St, Fifth Floor,
# Boston, MA 02110-1301, USA.
import builtins
import code
import keyword
import os
import re
import sys
from gi.repository import GObject
from gi.repository import Gtk
from utils import display_autocompletion
from utils import FakeOut
from utils import swap_std
......@@ -78,6 +83,7 @@ class ConsoleBuffer(Gtk.TextBuffer):
self.prompt_mark = self.create_mark("after-prompt", self.get_end_iter(), left_gravity=True)
self.prompt = sys.ps1
self._stdout = FakeOut(self)
self._stderr = FakeOut(self)
self._console = code.InteractiveConsole(namespace)
......@@ -86,6 +92,8 @@ class ConsoleBuffer(Gtk.TextBuffer):
namespace["__history__"] = self.history
self.history.connect("pos-changed", self.__history_pos_changed_cb)
self.connect("insert-text", self.__insert_text_cb)
def process_command_line(self):
"""Process the current input command line executing it if complete."""
cmd = self.get_command_line()
......@@ -96,10 +104,10 @@ class ConsoleBuffer(Gtk.TextBuffer):
is_command_incomplete = self._console.push(cmd)
if is_command_incomplete:
prompt = sys.ps2
self.prompt = sys.ps2
prompt = sys.ps1
self.prompt = sys.ps1
self.move_mark(self.prompt_mark, self.get_end_iter())
......@@ -132,6 +140,96 @@ class ConsoleBuffer(Gtk.TextBuffer):
self.delete(after_prompt_iter, end_iter)
def show_autocompletion(self, command):
"""Prints the autocompletion to the view."""
matches, last, new_command = self.get_autocompletion_matches(command)
namespace = {
"last": last,
"matches": matches,
"buf": self,
"command": command,
"new_command": new_command,
"display_autocompletion": display_autocompletion
with swap_std(self._stdout, self._stderr):
# pylint: disable=eval-used
eval("display_autocompletion(last, matches, buf, command, new_command)",
namespace, self._console.locals)
if len(matches) > 1:
def get_autocompletion_matches(self, input_text):
Given an input text, return possible matches for autocompletion.
# pylint: disable=bare-except, eval-used, too-many-branches, too-many-locals
# Try to get the possible full object to scan.
# For example, if input_text is "func(circle.ra", we obtain "circle.ra".
identifiers = re.findall(r"[_A-Za-z][\w\.]*\w$", input_text)
if identifiers:
maybe_scannable_object = identifiers[0]
maybe_scannable_object = input_text
pos = maybe_scannable_object.rfind(".")
if pos != -1:
# In this case, we cannot scan "circle.ra", so we scan "circle".
scannable_object = maybe_scannable_object[:pos]
# This is the case when input was more simple, like "circ".
scannable_object = maybe_scannable_object
namespace = {"scannable_object": scannable_object}
if pos != -1:
str_eval = "dir(eval(scannable_object))"
str_eval = "dir()"
maybe_matches = eval(str_eval, namespace, self._console.locals)
return [], maybe_scannable_object, input_text
if pos != -1:
# Get substring after last dot (.)
rest = maybe_scannable_object[(pos + 1):]
rest = scannable_object
# First, assume we are parsing an object.
matches = [match for match in maybe_matches if match.startswith(rest)]
# If not matches, maybe it is a keyword or builtin function.
if not matches:
tmp_matches = keyword.kwlist + dir(builtins)
matches = [
match for match in tmp_matches if match.startswith(rest)]
if not matches:
new_input_text = input_text
maybe_scannable_pos = input_text.find(maybe_scannable_object)
common = os.path.commonprefix(matches)
if pos == -1:
new_input_text = input_text[:maybe_scannable_pos] + common
new_input_text = input_text[:maybe_scannable_pos] + maybe_scannable_object[:pos] + "." + common
return matches, rest, new_input_text
def __refresh_prompt(self, text=""):
# Prepare the new line
end_iter = self.get_end_iter()
self.insert(end_iter, self.prompt)
end_iter = self.get_end_iter()
self.move_mark(self.prompt_mark, end_iter)
def __insert_text_cb(self, buf, it, text, user_data):
command = self.get_command_line()
if text == "\t" and command.strip() != "":
# If input text is '\t' and command doesn't start with spaces or tab
# prevent GtkTextView to insert the text "\t" for autocompletion.
GObject.signal_stop_emission_by_name(buf, "insert-text")
def __history_pos_changed_cb(self, history):
cmd = history.get()
......@@ -38,6 +38,23 @@ def swap_std(stdout=None, stderr=None):
sys.stderr = stderr
def display_autocompletion(last_obj, matches, text_buffer,
old_command, new_command):
"""Print possible matches (to FakeOut)."""
if len(matches) == 1:
tokens = matches[0].split(last_obj)
if len(tokens) >= 1:
print(tokens[1], end="")
elif len(matches) > 1:
if new_command.startswith(old_command):
# Complete the rest of the command if they have a common prefix.
rest = new_command.replace(old_command, "")
text_buffer.insert(text_buffer.get_end_iter(), rest)
for match in matches:
class FakeOut(TextIOBase):
"""Replacement for sys.stdout/err which redirects writes."""
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