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......@@ -19,33 +19,16 @@ pitivi \- Non-linear video editor
.B pitivi
.B pitivi
.RI -i
.RI [-a]
.B pitivi
.B Pitivi
is a free, intuitive and featureful movie editor for the Linux desktop.
.B pitivi
starts the video editor, optionally loading PROJECT_FILE. If no project is
given, pitivi creates a new project. Alternatively, when -i is specified,
arguments are treated as clips to be imported into the project. If -a is
specified, these clips will also be added to the end of the project timeline.
starts the video editor, optionally loading PROJECT_FILE.
.B \-h, \-\-help
Show help message and exit
.B \-i, \-\-import
Import each MEDIA_FILE into the project
.B \-a, \-\-add-to-timeline
Add each MEDIA_FILE to timeline after importing
.B \-d, \-\-debug
Run pitivi in the Python Debugger
This manual page was written by Hicham HAOUARI <>,
for the Fedora project (but may be used by others).
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