Commit b790708b authored by Alexandru Băluț's avatar Alexandru Băluț

previewers: Simplify VideoPreviewer's queue mechanism

The mechanism between the queue and wishlist of a VideoPreviewer was
complicated, in contrast with the simple intention: to generate the
thumbnails needed by the current widgets.

Instead of using both, we now use a queue which contains from the start
exactly what is needed.

Now we display the already available thumbnails faster, without waiting
for the pipeline to start. Starting the pipeline might not even be
necessary, but that can be optimized later.
Reviewed-by: Thibault Saunier's avatarThibault Saunier <>
Differential Revision:
parent 1e236ab1
......@@ -421,7 +421,6 @@ class VideoPreviewer(Previewer, Zoomable, Loggable):
# Variables related to the timeline objects
self.ges_elem = ges_elem
# Guard against malformed URIs
......@@ -431,8 +430,7 @@ class VideoPreviewer(Previewer, Zoomable, Loggable):
self.__preroll_timeout_id = 0
self._thumb_cb_id = 0
# Variables related to thumbnailing
self.wishlist = []
# The thumbs to be generated.
self.queue = []
self._thumb_cb_id = None
......@@ -449,7 +447,8 @@ class VideoPreviewer(Previewer, Zoomable, Loggable):
self.gdkpixbufsink = None
self.cpu_usage_tracker = CPUUsageTracker()
self.interval = 500 # Every 0.5 second, reevaluate the situation
# Initial delay before generating the next thumbnail, in millis.
self.interval = 500
# Connect signals and fire things up
self.ges_elem.connect("notify::in-point", self._inpoint_changed_cb)
......@@ -521,50 +520,43 @@ class VideoPreviewer(Previewer, Zoomable, Loggable):
self.__start_id = None
if isinstance(self.ges_elem, GES.ImageSource):
self.debug('Now generating thumbnail for: %s', path_from_uri(self.uri))
self.__image_pixbuf = GdkPixbuf.Pixbuf.new_from_file_at_scale(
Gst.uri_get_location(self.uri), -1, self.thumb_height, True)
self.thumb_width = self.__image_pixbuf.props.width
return False
self.debug('Now generating thumbnails for: %s', path_from_uri(self.uri))
self.pipeline = self._setup_pipeline()
query_success, duration = self.pipeline.query_duration(Gst.Format.TIME)
if not query_success or duration == -1:
self.debug("Could not determine duration of: %s", self.uri)
duration = self.ges_elem.props.duration
self.queue = list(range(0, duration, THUMB_PERIOD))
self.debug('Now generating thumbnails for: %s', path_from_uri(self.uri))
self.pipeline = self._setup_pipeline()
# Update the thumbnails with what we already have, if anything.
# Stop calling me.
return False
def _create_next_thumb_cb(self):
if not self.wishlist or not self.queue:
# nothing left to do
"""Creates a missing thumbnail."""
self._thumb_cb_id = None
if not self.queue:
# Nothing left to do.
self.debug("Thumbnails generation complete")
self.debug("Missing %d thumbs", len(self.wishlist))
# Stop calling me.
return False
wish = self._get_wish()
if wish:
time = wish
time = self.queue.pop(0)
self.log('Creating thumb for "%s"', path_from_uri(self.uri))
position = self.queue.pop(0)
self.log("Creating thumb for `%s` at %s", path_from_uri(self.uri), position),
Gst.Format.TIME, Gst.SeekFlags.FLUSH | Gst.SeekFlags.ACCURATE,
Gst.SeekType.SET, time,
Gst.SeekFlags.FLUSH | Gst.SeekFlags.ACCURATE,
Gst.SeekType.SET, position,
Gst.SeekType.NONE, -1)
# Remove the GSource
self._thumb_cb_id = None
# Stop calling me.
# The seek operation will generate an ASYNC_DONE message on the bus,
# and then the next thumbnail generation operation will be scheduled.
return False
......@@ -585,12 +577,14 @@ class VideoPreviewer(Previewer, Zoomable, Loggable):
return max(THUMB_PERIOD, quantized)
def _update_thumbnails(self):
"""Updates the thumbnails for the currently visible clip portion."""
"""Updates the thumbnail widgets for the clip at the current zoom."""
if self.thumb_width is None:
# The thumb_width will be available when pipeline has been started
# or the __image_pixbuf is ready.
thumbs = {}
self.wishlist = []
queue = []
interval = self.thumb_interval
element_left = quantize(self.ges_elem.props.in_point, interval)
element_right = self.ges_elem.props.in_point + self.ges_elem.props.duration
......@@ -613,19 +607,11 @@ class VideoPreviewer(Previewer, Zoomable, Loggable):
for thumb in self.thumbs.values():
self.thumbs = thumbs
def _get_wish(self):
"""Returns a wish that is also in the queue, if any."""
while True:
if not self.wishlist:
return None
wish = self.wishlist.pop(0)
if wish in self.queue:
return wish
self.queue = queue
def _set_pixbuf(self, position, pixbuf):
"""Sets the pixbuf for the thumbnail at the specified position."""
......@@ -646,24 +632,14 @@ class VideoPreviewer(Previewer, Zoomable, Loggable):
self.thumb_cache[position] = pixbuf
# Interface (Zoomable)
def zoomChanged(self):
# Callbacks
def __bus_message_cb(self, unused_bus, message):
if message.type == Gst.MessageType.ELEMENT and \
message.src == self.gdkpixbufsink and \
self.__preroll_timeout_id == 0:
struct = message.get_structure()
struct_name = struct.get_name()
if struct_name == "preroll-pixbuf":
stream_time = struct.get_value("stream-time")
pixbuf = struct.get_value("pixbuf")
self._set_pixbuf(stream_time, pixbuf)
elif message.src == self.pipeline and message.type == Gst.MessageType.STATE_CHANGED:
if message.src == self.pipeline and \
message.type == Gst.MessageType.STATE_CHANGED:
if message.parse_state_changed()[1] == Gst.State.PAUSED:
# The pipeline is ready to be used.
if self.__preroll_timeout_id:
self.__preroll_timeout_id = 0
......@@ -672,8 +648,19 @@ class VideoPreviewer(Previewer, Zoomable, Loggable):
self.thumb_width = neg_caps["width"]
elif message.type == Gst.MessageType.ASYNC_DONE and \
message.src == self.pipeline:
elif message.src == self.gdkpixbufsink and \
message.type == Gst.MessageType.ELEMENT and \
self.__preroll_timeout_id == 0:
# We got a thumbnail pixbuf.
struct = message.get_structure()
struct_name = struct.get_name()
if struct_name == "preroll-pixbuf":
stream_time = struct.get_value("stream-time")
pixbuf = struct.get_value("pixbuf")
self._set_pixbuf(stream_time, pixbuf)
elif message.src == self.pipeline and \
message.type == Gst.MessageType.ASYNC_DONE:
# The seek operation has been performed.
return Gst.BusSyncReply.PASS
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