Commit b3417272 authored by Alexandru Băluț's avatar Alexandru Băluț

project: Remove unused code from _emitChange

Differential Revision:
parent 46dbd60b
......@@ -1467,11 +1467,9 @@ class Project(Loggable, GES.Project):
self._has_default_audio_settings = False
self.emit("settings-set-from-imported-asset", asset)
def _emitChange(self, signal, key=None, value=None):
if key and value:
self.emit(signal, key, value)
def _emitChange(self, signal, key, value):
self.emit(signal, key, value)
# TODO: Remove this when it's possible to undo/redo these changes.
def _getElementFactoryName(self, elements, profile):
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