Commit b2f19ea3 authored by HarishFulara07's avatar HarishFulara07
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project: remove unused 'ignore_unsaved_changes' param

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......@@ -495,15 +495,9 @@ class ProjectManager(GObject.Object, Loggable):
return True
def newBlankProject(self, ignore_unsaved_changes=False):
def newBlankProject(self):
"""Creates a new blank project and sets it as the current project.
ignore_unsaved_changes (Optional[bool]): If True, forces
the creation of a new project without prompting the user about
unsaved changes. This is an "extreme" way to reset Pitivi's
bool: Whether the project has been created successfully.
......@@ -65,7 +65,7 @@ class BaseTestMediaLibrary(common.TestCase):
if project_uri:
"loaded", self.projectLoadedCb)
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