Commit a9058c74 authored by Harish Fulara's avatar Harish Fulara Committed by Alexandru Băluț

clipproperties: Disconnect from the project when it's closed

When we open a new project via app menu, the current project gets closed
but its reference in TransformationProperties class is not set to None.

Closes #2171
parent 9deda4bf
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......@@ -550,6 +550,8 @@ class TransformationProperties(Gtk.Expander, Loggable):
"new-project-loaded", self._newProjectLoadedCb)
"project-closed", self.__project_closed_cb)
def _newProjectLoadedCb(self, unused_app, project):
if self._selection is not None:
......@@ -564,6 +566,9 @@ class TransformationProperties(Gtk.Expander, Loggable):
self._selection.connect('selection-changed', self._selectionChangedCb)
self._project.pipeline.connect("position", self._position_cb)
def __project_closed_cb(self, unused_project_manager, unused_project):
self._project = None
def _initButtons(self):
clear_button = self.builder.get_object("clear_button")
clear_button.connect("clicked", self._defaultValuesCb)
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