Commit 9ce981e0 authored by Alexandru Băluț's avatar Alexandru Băluț

prefs: Fix g_object_set_is_valid_property warning

Fixes #2094
parent 47131b39
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......@@ -657,21 +657,17 @@ class PluginManagerStore(Gio.ListStore):
"""Stores the models for available plugins."""
def __init__(self):
Gio.ListStore.__init__(self, item_type=PluginItem) = None
self.preferences_dialog = None
def new(cls, app, preferences_dialog):
obj = PluginManagerStore() = app
obj.preferences_dialog = preferences_dialog
# For some reason this property cannot be set at construct time
# with
obj.set_property("item-type", PluginItem)
return obj
store = PluginManagerStore() = app
store.preferences_dialog = preferences_dialog
return store
def reload(self):
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