Commit 7e6690e7 authored by Alexandru Băluț's avatar Alexandru Băluț

layer: Show video icon when empty

parent beb3cce3
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......@@ -218,9 +218,11 @@ class LayerControls(Gtk.EventBox, Loggable):
def update(self, media_types):
self.props.height_request = self.ges_layer.ui.props.height_request
if media_types & GES.TrackType.VIDEO:
if media_types & GES.TrackType.VIDEO or not media_types:
# The layer has video or is empty.
icon = "video-x-generic"
# The layer has audio and nothing else.
icon = "audio-x-generic"
if icon != self.__icon:
......@@ -228,8 +230,6 @@ class LayerControls(Gtk.EventBox, Loggable):
self.menubutton.props.image = image
self.__icon = icon
# TODO: Use media_types to determine which controls to show.
class Layer(Gtk.Layout, Zoomable, Loggable):
"""Container for the clips widgets of a layer."""
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