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docs: Simplified instructions for developers

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......@@ -94,22 +94,17 @@ for i in $(flatpak list | grep org.pitivi.Pitivi | awk '{ print $1 }'); do
2. Start a shell in the Pitivi bundle environment
(If developping pitivi, make sure to be in the environment before running)
2. Start a shell in the Pitivi bundle environment.
if type ptvenv; then
flatpak run -d --command=bash org.pitivi.Pitivi
flatpak run -d --command=bash org.pitivi.Pitivi
In the development environment, you do this by running `ptvenv` instead.
3. Start Pitivi inside gdb
gdb python3 -ex 'run /app/bin/pitivi
gdb python3 -ex 'run /app/bin/pitivi'
When Pitivi crashes, run `bt full` to get the backtrace. When Pitivi
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