Commit 7719a004 authored by Alexandru Băluț's avatar Alexandru Băluț

previewers: Leave autosaving to the caches

Leaving the autosave to the ThumbnailCache makes it simpler. It becomes
a matter of scheduling an autosave when something has been added to the
cache (and there is none already scheduled).
Reviewed-by: Thibault Saunier's avatarThibault Saunier <>
Differential Revision:
parent e667fdeb
......@@ -535,12 +535,6 @@ class VideoPreviewer(Previewer, Zoomable, Loggable):
# Save periodically to avoid the common situation where the user exits
# the app before a long clip has been fully thumbnailed.
# Spread timeouts between 30-80 secs to avoid concurrent disk writes.
random_time = random.randrange(30, 80)
GLib.timeout_add_seconds(random_time, self._autosave)
# Remove the GSource
return False
......@@ -549,7 +543,6 @@ class VideoPreviewer(Previewer, Zoomable, Loggable):
# nothing left to do
self.debug("Thumbnails generation complete")
self.debug("Missing %d thumbs", len(self.wishlist))
......@@ -570,14 +563,6 @@ class VideoPreviewer(Previewer, Zoomable, Loggable):
self._thumb_cb_id = None
return False
def _autosave(self):
if self.wishlist:
self.log("Periodic thumbnail autosave")
return True
# Stop the timer
return False
def _get_thumb_duration(self):
thumb_duration_tmp = Zoomable.pixelToNs(self.thumb_width + THUMB_MARGIN_PX)
# quantize thumb length to thumb_period
......@@ -772,6 +757,8 @@ class ThumbnailCache(Loggable):
self._image_size = (None, None)
# The cached positions available in the database.
self.positions = self.__existing_positions()
# The ID of the autosave event.
self.__autosave_id = None
def __existing_positions(self):
self._cur.execute("SELECT Time FROM Thumbs")
......@@ -873,6 +860,26 @@ class ThumbnailCache(Loggable):
self._cur.execute("DELETE FROM Thumbs WHERE time=?", (position,))
self._cur.execute("INSERT INTO Thumbs VALUES (?,?)", (position, blob,))
def _schedule_commit(self):
"""Schedules an autosave at a random later time."""
if self.__autosave_id is not None:
# A commit is already scheduled.
# Save after some time, to avoid saving too often.
# Randomize to avoid concurrent disk writes.
random_time = random.randrange(10, 20)
self.__autosave_id = GLib.timeout_add_seconds(random_time, self._autosave_cb)
def _autosave_cb(self):
"""Handles the autosave event."""
self.__autosave_id = None
# Stop calling me.
return False
def commit(self):
"""Saves the cache on disk (in the database)."""
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