Commit 76619364 authored by Alexandru Băluț's avatar Alexandru Băluț

check: Change get_square_width to return an int value

parent ae4e61e4
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......@@ -324,6 +324,22 @@ def require_version(modulename, version):
def get_square_width(video_info):
"""Applies the pixel aspect ratio to the width of the video info.
video_info (GstPbutils.DiscovererVideoInfo): The video info.
int: The width calculated exactly as GStreamer does.
width = video_info.get_width()
par_num = video_info.get_par_num()
par_denom = video_info.get_par_denom()
# We observed GStreamer does a simple int(), so we leave it like this.
return int(width * par_num / par_denom)
def initialize_modules():
"""Initializes the modules.
......@@ -361,10 +377,9 @@ def initialize_modules():
require_version("GstPbutils", GST_API_VERSION)
from gi.repository import GstPbutils
# Monky patch an helper method to retrieve the size of a video
# Monky patch a helper method for retrieving the size of a video
# when using square pixels.
GstPbutils.DiscovererVideoInfo.get_square_width = \
lambda i: i.get_width() * i.get_par_num() / i.get_par_denom()
GstPbutils.DiscovererVideoInfo.get_square_width = get_square_width
if not os.environ.get("GES_DISCOVERY_TIMEOUT"):
os.environ["GES_DISCOVERY_TIMEOUT"] = "5"
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