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* docs/design/timeline.txt:

Design document for the timeline

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2005-05-09 Edward Hervey <>
* docs/design/timeline.txt:
Design document for the timeline
2005-05-04 Edward Hervey <>
* pitivi/
Timeline view design document (c) 2005 Edward Hervey
* How is the timeline handled in PiTiVi ?
The timeline follows the "View - Model - Data" design.
_ Data is the gnonlin timeline (GnlTimeline)
_ Model is the part which will be saved by pitivi
_ View is the UI
This design allows pitivi to have different 'views':
_ The 'Simple' View : à la iMovie
_ The 'Tracks' View : à la Premiere, or like the previous version of pitivi.
* Simple View
This view displays everything on one line. It is aimed to be very simple to
* Actions
The simple view allows only SOME actions amongst all those available through
the model:
* Add a Source
_ Sources are added before or after a source.
_ Sources CANNOT be added next to a transition.
_ Sources CAN be added next to an effect.
_ Once the source is added, move the following sources later in time.
_ If the source has audio, add the audio source.
* Move a Source
_ follows the same rules as 'Add a Source'
_ If the source has audio, move the audio source too.
* Remove a Source
_ "Collapse" the following sources
_ If the source has audio, remove the audio source too.
* Add an effect
_ An effect can only be added to one source
_ There can only be at most one effect on each source
* Remove an effect
* Add a transition
_ Can ONLY go between two sources
_ If the adjacent sources have audio, apply an audio transition to the
audio sources.
_ Has a given duration on each source
_ Overlaps the two sources
_ move the following sources back in time
* Remove a transition
_ if there's an audio transition, remove it too
_ Move the following sources back into place (just after the first source)
* Display
* Sources
_ All have the same width (which doesn't mean it's fixed)
_ In normal situations, the sources follow each others without any gaps.
_ Special Cases:
* Gap between two sources :
=> Black source (which can be removed)
* Source A overlaps part of Source B:
=> Display normally
* Source A is over and "inside" Source B
(A.start > B.start, A.stop < B.stop):
=> Display A inside B , but it cannot be moved in the simple View
* Effects
_ Effects applied on one source entirely have their icons displayed in the
corner of the source
* Transitions
_ Show like a source (maybe half-width)
_ Represent somewhat differently
* Tracks View
* Actions
* Display
* Model
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